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The State of Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Network Management

Humans and manual processes can no longer keep pace with network innovation, evolution, complexity, and change. To understand what’s being done about this networking challenge, particularly regarding automation, Kentik conducted a survey of more than 380 industry professionals.

Learn how other network professionals are thinking about adoption and readiness for automation, AI, AIOps, and machine learning and how your organization can prepare.

Download this report for key findings and analysis including:

  • Network automation is taking shape: 85% of respondents said their organization has one or more types of automation, and yet only 27% of respondents said their organization is “extremely prepared” or “very prepared” for full automation.
  • The energy sector leads the network automation trend. Healthcare and government are behind the curve.
  • Networking processes such as compliance and incident response are least likely to be automated. 53% of respondents are using automation for network configuration—the only area to receive a majority response.
  • Network professionals plan to use AIOps tools to improve their network monitoring, management, and analytics capabilities.
  • And much, much more.

Download the report


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