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The Role of Network Observability in Telco’s Cloud Transformation Journey

For decades, the cloud has driven network disruption, modernization, and transformation for enterprises — and now we’re seeing its transformative potential enter the telco operator space. From telco cloud cores and 5G/OpenRAN to mobile edge computing (MEC), cloud-native OSS/BSS modernization, and containerized microservices architectures, service providers are beginning to embrace the cloud — building agile, scalable networks that will drive efficiencies, create new revenue streams and usher in a new era of innovation.

In this interview, Kentik Field CTO Justin Ryburn and SDxCentral’s Editor-in-Chief Dan Muse explore the profound transformations the service provider and telco operator community are undertaking by embracing cloud technologies and discuss the critical role network observability plays in ensuring the success of these transformational initiatives.

In the discussion, Muse and Ryburn also touch on the following:

  • How telcos can ensure the ROI and cost efficiency when it comes to moving to the cloud.
  • The importance of having a cloud strategy — or at least a dual strategy — before you actually move to the cloud.
  • Advice for telcos that are moving to open, interoperable, vendor-agnostic systems layering in container technology like Kubernetes, especially involving 5G and Open RAN.
  • Why Open RAN is poised to become an important technology for telcos.
  • How service providers and telcos can manage the security risk inherent in an open environment…and help mitigate it.
  • The promise of artificial intelligence (AI) and the tangible use cases we’re already for service providers and telcos.
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