Kentik - Network Observability
Solution Brief

PacketFabric Virtual Connection for Kentik

In order to take advantage of the power of Kentik’s advanced network traffic and performance analytics, it is first essential to decide how to get flow data to the Kentik platform. Among the many choices, using a private virtual interconnection provides the ultimate level of performance, security and reliability. For organizations that don’t have network facilities physically co-located with Kentik’s SaaS platform, private virtual interconnection is an excellent alternative, and one of the most convenient, scalable, and cost-effective interconnection options is the PacketFabric Platform.

PacketFabric Virtual Peering for Kentik Diagram

With Kentik’s PacketFabric partnership, customers can remotely interconnect with Kentik using PacketFabric’s network services. All that’s needed is a port in any PacketFabric Point of Presence (PoP), and then you can create a private virtual connection to Kentik. You can create your account by signing up directly on PacketFabric’s website (

PacketFabric currently offers network services from over 150 PoP locations in North America and Europe. PacketFabric Virtual Connection is generally available for Kentik customers using our US SaaS platform.

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