Kentik - Network Observability
Solution Brief

Megaport Remote Peering for Kentik

Kentik offers a variety of options for delivering data to our cloud-based SaaS clusters, including an SSL proxy agent, interconnection at public peering exchanges, or private network interconnects (PNI). For Kentik service users who seek the security and reliability of a PNI, but don’t have network facilities physically co-located with Kentik, remote peering is a good alternative. One of the most convenient and cost-effective remote peering options is Megaport’s VXC (Virtual Cross Connect).

Megaport Peering for Kentik Diagram

With Kentik’s Megaport partnership, customers can remotely interconnect with Kentik, which acts as a virtual PNI via Megaport’s Virtual Cross Connect (VXC) service. All that’s needed is a connection to a local Megaport Point of Presence (PoP). Customers can then add a port to Kentik via the Megaport Marketplace (direct link to Kentik in the Megaport Marketplace - requires login).

Megaport currently offers Network as a Service (NaaS) from over 240 worldwide PoP locations. Megaport VXC is generally available for Kentik customers using our US SaaS platform and will be available for our EU platform by mid-2019.

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