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Solution Brief

Kentik for the Energy Industry

Everything, everywhere — all at once

Energy network and I&O teams must support modernization initiatives, but industry and geopolitical factors have forced energy firms to rethink their needs — driven by market segregation, rearranging supply chains and partnerships, and regulations changing the rules of the game — to reduce cost of network operations, consolidate tools, maintain compliance, and adapt their networks moment-to-moment.

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Kentik delivers a unified, easy-to-use solution to bring all telemetry and all networks into one place. Only Kentik makes it easy to answer any question with AI-assisted troubleshooting, investigations, and root cause analysis. Only Kentik adapts and scales with dynamic energy networks whether driven by growth, supply chain and partner changes, or mergers and acquisitions.

Consolidate and streamline

  • Remove the cost of legacy solutions, outdated tools, and scattered siloes with a single lens for your I&O ecosystem — all in one place.

Network agility and adaptability

  • Go faster and do more with a unified view and AI-assisted troubleshooting across network gear, flows, apps, clouds, and operations.

Rapidly support I&O changes

  • Adapt and deliver great digital experiences with on-demand insights across traffic, devices, data centers, clouds, containers, apps, and edge.

Why Kentik?

“Kentik helped us consolidate tools and deliver network services across siloed and segregated business units, aligning with our strategic focus by adapting to network changes and scaling in any direction our network goes in the future.”
— I&O Manager, Global Super Major

Network and I&O teams in the energy industry must navigate the complexities of integrating diverse networks and maintain the day-to-day demands of monitoring, analysis, and the long queue of trouble tickets.

Energy network teams rely on Kentik to make it easy to pinpoint the causes of network trouble and ask any question about the network with AI-assisted troubleshooting and investigations across all network environments — devices, data centers, containers, clouds, apps, and edge.

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Hybrid cloud observability

  • Unify mapping for all networks, including multi and hybrid cloud
  • Site topology across devices, traffic, VPC telemetry and behavior
  • Map connectivity and traffic from data center to cloud to container

Network performance monitoring

  • Collect protocols, streaming telemetry, SNMP and others in one place
  • Find faulty gear, oversubscribed devices, network issues faster
  • Monitor BGP state to identify, verify data security or compliance risk

Synthetic transaction monitoring

  • See and test app behavior and performance across networks, clouds, and SaaS
  • Validate app performance across layers: web, DNS, routing, and network
  • Simulate user and traffic behavior across data center, container, and cloud
Azure cost avoidance

With Kentik, energy network teams can reduce cost of network operations, consolidate networking tools, increase network agility and scale, responding quickly to changing business demands and network requirements.

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Solution Brief - Energy

Key benefits

  • Unify mapping and analysis of all networks, including multi and hybrid cloud
  • Consolidate networking tools, cutting network operating cost and improving efficiency
  • Improve agility and adaptability to continuously changing network demands
  • Decrease time and effort to resolve root cause issues, trouble tickets, and downtime for global operations
  • Enhance resilience and compliance with persistent line-of-sight to all networks and all telemetry
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