Kentik - Network Flow Analytics
Solution Brief

Kentik for Research and Higher Education

Research and education networks are the original “hybrid” networks — part service provider, part enterprise. Today, that complexity is harder than ever to manage with students and researchers demanding better performance, higher availability, and more bandwidth for critical applications, on top of budget pressure to do more with less. Fortunately, Kentik’s powerful network analytics platform can turn the tide by leveraging data you already have to reduce network costs, increase availability and performance, and improve team efficiency.

Service Assurance

Proactively detect network performance, availability, and security issues campus-wide. Get the data to resolve incidents quickly with lightning-fast queries, months of retained details, and flexible filtering and grouping.

  • Reduce MTTD / MTTR
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Improve network experience for students, staff, and researchers

Peering and Traffic Engineering

  • Identify opportunities to improve cost and performance by shifting traffic away from paid IP transit to private interconnection, exchanges, or high-performance backbones like Internet2.
  • Reduce OPEX and defer CAPEX associated with capacity upgrades
  • Improve performance for users and high-bandwidth research applications
Customer Intell

Capacity Planning

  • Gain integrated insights into network capacity, utilization, and traffic composition across dorms, departments, and campuses. Trend changes over time to understand growth and predict future capacity needs and budget.
  • Improve staff efficiency with automated planning processes
  • Eliminate congestion caused by over-capacity surprises

DDoS Detection and Mitigation

Get the industry’s most accurate and automated DDoS detection and triggering, and give security and operations teams detailed forensic capability. Drive automated mitigation actions via routing policy, or trigger mitigation services like Zenedge.

  • Reduce service impacts
  • Prevent student-associated attacks from affecting critical business or research applications
  • Spend less staff time on intervention
DNS Security

CDN and OTT Traffic Analytics

Automatic CDN and OTT service name labels provide deep understanding of per-service network utilization, regardless of where traffic originates: public or private CDNs, on-net or off-net caches.

  • Understand which external services are driving network traffic growth
  • Reduce costs associated with delivering commodity Internet traffic to students


  • Easy deployment and lower TCO with SaaS delivery model
  • Answers time-critical questions in seconds with unmatched query performance
  • Retains full detail for months without roll-ups or aggregation
  • Simplifies workflows for each user and role with fully customizable views and dashboards
  • Automatically detects traffic anomalies like spikes, outages, DDoS, and traffic shifts using a powerful streaming analytics engine
  • Instantly labels network data with OTT/CDN, subscriber, geo, and routing data for deep context
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