Kentik - Network Observability
Solution Brief

IBM Cloud Flow Logs for Kentik

Ensure Cloud Reliability, Optimize Cost and Comply with Security Policies

Meeting high expectations for quality of service, data security, and cost controls are critical challenges for IT leaders deploying in the cloud. Organizations quickly realize that having a holistic and granular understanding of network relationships — who is talking to who? — is fundamental to operate reliable, cost-effective, and secure services in the cloud.

See Clearly with Kentik

Kentik is committed to empowering IT professionals with a unified view of all network traffic from, to, and between workloads, services, and dependencies across infrastructures.

IBM Cloud is part of the Kentik network observability and analytics platform. Kentik ingests IBM VPC flow logs and provides granular, context-rich visibility and insights into all IBM Cloud instances’ communications, in and across regions, availability zones, VPCs, all the way down to the vNIC.

Kentik’s holistic visualization also includes traffic relationships through the edge to data centers, sites, other clouds, and the internet. With Kentik, organizations can quickly and easily assess end-to-end reliability, as well as cost-impacting, suspicious or policy-violating traffic in their IBM Cloud deployments.

Infrastructure, Cloud and DevOps Teams

Deploy workloads, applications and services in the cloud with confidence

  • Use Kentik to profile your apps before moving to discover dependencies and estimate data egress costs
  • Observe real traffic to ensure that your cloud routing, access control, and load balancing policies are functioning as intended and get real-time alerts when they aren’t
  • Get early detection, intelligent diagnostics, and root-cause insights for faster incident response and resolution
  • Utilize historical records and data-driven approach to cloud infrastructure planning, growth, and cost management
Visualize your VPC architecture, drill into flow logs to discover costly traffic or hidden dependencies

SecOps Teams

Secure Your Cloud and Observe Your Policies

  • Use IBM flow logs with Kentik to define, visualize, and audit your security groups and access lists
  • Gain behavior insights and perform pervasive instrumentation to quickly and easily find would-be attackers probing your network so you can shut them down
  • Defend your network assets in the cloud against DDoS attacks and automate mitigations to preserve the availability
Dashboard view with curated graphs showing suspicious network activities and threat detection

Executive Teams

Optimize the Edge and Digital Experience

  • Ensure your customers have the best possible experience and use the optimal region
  • Audit your network egress to find costly dependencies and trace offending flows back to the source
  • Provide intuitive reports and dashboards that identify inefficient or problematic third-party dependencies impacting the cost or performance of your applications and services
Achieve great user experiences by ensuring that your customers are served from the most appropriate regions using Kentik’s curated dashboards
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