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Configuring Kentik with Cloudflare Magic Transit

To take full advantage of your joint trial of Kentik and Cloudflare Magic Transit, you’ll need to have network devices sending flow data to Kentik and also setup Cloudflare Magic Transit as a mitigation platform in the Kentik interface.

After activating your Kentik trial, login to the Kentik portal and complete the Network Telemetry onboarding process to add one or more network devices to Kentik. Once onboarding is complete, you’ll be able to follow the steps below to enable Cloudflare Magic Transit as a mitigation platform.

Note: It is also necessary to be provisioned with Cloudflare Magic Transit and have have it properly configured on the Cloudflare side. If you’ve not already done so, please visit Cloudflare’s Kentik partner page and request your trial of Cloudflare Magic Transit by clicking the “Sign Up” button found there. A Cloudflare representative will contact your to set up your Magic Transit trial.

Please refer to Cloudflare’s respective documentation and support for proper configuration of Cloudflare Magic Transit.

Enabling Cloudflare Magic Transit as a Mitigation Platform in Kentik

In the Kentik portal, you can configure Cloudflare Magic Transit as a mitigation platform as follows:

Step 1: Select “Insights & Alerting” from the main Menu.

Step 2: Click the “Configure Custom Insights” button. The Alerting > Policies view will appear.

Step 3: In the Policies view, select “Mitigation Platforms” from the left hand menu.

Step 4: Click the “Add Mitigation Platform” button. The Add Mitigation Platform dialog will appear.

Step 5: In that dialog, select “Cloudflare Magic Transit (CFMT)” in the “Mitigation Type” dropdown menu. Complete the other required fields. You will need to provide your Cloudflare API credentials (API login and API Token) and your Cloudflare Account ID.

Step 6: Once Cloudflare is configured as a mitigation platform, add individual mitigation methods to enable specific mitigation actions. Select “Mitigation Methods” on the left bar menu. To add a new mitigation method using Cloudflare Magic Transit, click on the “Add Mitigation Method” button. Fill in the required fields on the “General” tab in the Add Mitigation Method dialog. Turn on or off “automated” mitigation as desired.

Next, select the “Details” tab in the Add Mitigation Method dialog, then select “Cloudflare Magic Transit” as the Mitigation Type. (No further information is needed for adding the Cloudflare mitigation method.)

Step 7: To start mitigation manually, select “+ Manual Mitigation” option in the left hand menu. The Start Manual Mitigation dialog will appear. Select the Cloudflare mitigation method you created previously from the “Mitigation Platform & Method” dropdown, and fill in the remaining fields.

If you need assistance with configuring any aspect of Kentik, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team via email at

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