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CNCF Webinar Replay: The State of Infrastructure, Architecture & Ops to Support Cloud-Native Apps

When it comes to modern infrastructure adoption, which organizations are ahead of the curve? How do they successfully support their infrastructure to build and operationalize cloud-native applications? What do their architectures and operations look like? And how do they maintain total visibility by using a large, complex open source stack?

In this Cloud Native Computing Foundation webinar replay, Kentik Co-founder and CEO Avi Freedman—founder of Philly’s first ISP and former Chief Network Scientist at Akamai—will present alongside Kentik CTO Jonah Kowall, former Gartner Research VP and AppDynamics VP discuss today’s networking realites and trends in cloud-native apps.

They discuss their top takeaways from conversations with some of today’s largest and most successful enterprises and service providers, including trends and challenges they’re seeing around:

  • What it means to have state-of-the-art infrastructure built on open source and APIs
  • Operating mission-critical cloud-native applications
  • Distributed infrastructure needed to support cloud-native applications
  • The current and future gaps of cloud infrastructure options
  • The state of CI/CD for network infrastructure
  • Consistent and rich network-layer instrumentation across cloud infrastructures
  • Going cross-layer and full-stack monitoring
  • Turning infrastructure data into relevant business insights
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