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Guide & Checklist

NMS Migration Guide

Is it time to migrate from your network monitoring solution? Learn the technical and business operations necessary to bring your organization up to speed with a modern network monitoring solution. Get the guide and detailed checklist.


Answer Any Question About Your Network

Who can you turn to when your network is acting up? Kentik AI is here to save your workplace from descending into madness.

Solution Brief

Kentik Network Monitoring System

Kentik NMS is modern, no-maintenance SaaS network monitoring. It enables network teams to unify metrics from all their gear with advanced traffic analytics, consolidating on Kentik as the network source of truth.

Live Webinar | May 9

Network Management Megatrends 2024

Join EMA for a webinar that will highlight key findings from the 2024 report, including skills gaps, hybrid and multi-cloud, SASE, and AI-driven operations.

Live Webinar | April 30

Migrating into the Future: A step-by-step guide to leaving your legacy NMS behind

Join us live Tuesday, April 30 at 9am PT / 12pm ET as we discuss the benefits of migrating from legacy NMS solutions to Kentik.

Solution Brief

Kentik for the Energy Industry

Energy network teams rely on Kentik to easily identify causes of network issues and to answer any question about the network with AI-assisted troubleshooting.


Maîtrisez le chaos : Le progrès de l'observabilité du réseau

Greg Villain expliquera aux participants comment l’Observabilité Réseau permet aux opérateurs de relever les défis d’une économie en constante évolution et de consacrer leurs efforts en matière d’ingénierie et d’exploitation, sur ce qui compte.

LinkedIn Live Replay

The Cloudification of the Telecom Industry

Phil Gervasi and Nina Bargisen discuss the emergence of “netcos” and “servcos,” and what this shift means for the telecom industry — the potential for innovation, competition, and new challenges that cloudification creates.


Network Monitoring in 2024: Disrupting the Status Quo with Unified NMS Telemetry

Get an inside look at Kentik NMS – the first AI-assisted, zero-maintenance modern Saas network monitoring platform – and learn how service provider network teams can improve service without increasing costs.


Network automation: Are you the only one not doing it?

Corey Quinn, Chief Cloud Economist at the Duckbill Group, joins Kentik to discuss the current landscape of network automation, discussing tools, value, and the realness of NetDevOps.

Video Collection

What's New at Kentik: A Hilarious Monthly Recap of Product Updates and Events

This series featuring Leon Adato catches you up on everything you may have missed.


Next-Generation Network Monitoring for Service Providers: Kentik NMS (en español)

Learn why a new approach to network monitoring is needed and how service providers can use modern network monitoring to improve service performance. This presentation is in Spanish.


AI-assisted Network Monitoring: Real or Hype?

Kentik networking experts Chris O’Brien and Nina Bargisen join Capacity Media’s Jack Allen to explore the evolving role of AI in network monitoring.


Modern Network Monitoring: Unifying NMS Telemetry with Kentik NMS

In this demo and overview, learn how Kentik NMS provides high-resolution, real-time network insights to address modern network challenges.


Evaluating Traffic at IXes and Data Centers with PeeringDB Filters in Kentik

Learn how to use PeeringDB filters in Kentik to make informed decisions about internet exchanges and data centers, optimize peering arrangements, and uncover potential cost savings.

LinkedIn Live

The Reality of Streaming Telemetry and SNMP

Watch this LinkedIn Live replay as we explore the evolving landscape of network monitoring and the transition from SNMP to streaming telemetry.


The Role of Network Observability in Telco’s Cloud Transformation Journey

Kentik Field CTO Justin Ryburn and SDxCentral’s Editor-in-Chief Dan Muse explore recent developments in network observability for the service provider and telco operator community.


Streaming Telemetry and SNMP Monitoring with Kentik NMS

Packet Pushers host Ethan Banks gets an overview of Kentik’s new Network Monitoring System, Kentik NMS, from Chris O’Brien, Sr. Principal Product Manager at Kentik.


/kent (ə) pēdēə/ noun

a tool for learning about network observability, featuring how-tos and definitions for a variety of networking terms and topics.

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