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5 Problems Your Current Network Monitoring Can’t Solve (That Network Observability Can)

Join Kentik co-founder and CEO Avi Freedman to learn how to reduce networking issues and risks while continuing to allow your organization to innovate at the speed of cloud.

Case Study

How Dialpad Uses Kentik to Avoid Network-Performance Hang Ups

Dialpad makes it easy and efficient for customers to connect and collaborate anywhere in the world over voice, video, call-center and sales applications. To ensure customers receive the highest quality service while the network operates at peak efficiency, Dialpad relies on Kentik.


Synthetic Testing 101: How to Proactively Monitor Network Performance

Less than 3% of incidents are found before users are affected. You need to catch networking problems before your users do. Join Anil Murty to learn why synthetic monitoring is an indispensable tool for proactive network testing and rapid incident detection.


How to Troubleshoot Routing and Connectivity in Your AWS Environment

May 20, 2021

Your public cloud can seem like a “black box.” And when there’s a cloud networking problem, it can be tough to identify and fix it fast. Join us to learn how Kentik Cloud helps you proactively see and troubleshoot issues quickly.


Virtual Design Clinic: Getting Started Edition

May 26, 2021

Join for a hands-on, instructor-led session! You’ll learn how easy it is to gain network observability so you can deliver great experiences. Follow along in your own Kentik free-trial account and have your questions answered by a product expert in real time. Sessions offered every 2 weeks.

Solution Brief

Kentik Cloud - Product Brief for AWS

Kentik Cloud provides enterprises with the ability to observe their public and hybrid cloud environments and understand how the network impacts user experience, application performance, costs, and security.


The Network Pro's Guide to the Public Cloud

As you transition apps and services to the cloud, the networking component quickly gets complicated. Your team not only has to manage on-premises networking, but also cloud networks—which requires a different approach. Get a detailed view of the top three gotchas in AWS, and how network…


How to Continuously Monitor Critical Cloud Services with Synthetic Testing

You’re responsible for monitoring the performance and availability of critical cloud services. If your users experience slow response, it’s tough to troubleshoot if you can’t even see where the problem is. Learn how to use synthetic testing as part of a comprehensive network monitoring strategy.


Doug Madory on the Mysterious AS8003 Global Routing Story

Director of Internet Analyis at Kentik, Doug Madory, joins the Security Conversations podcast to shed light on the mysterious appearance of hundreds of millions of unused IPv4 addresses belonging to the US Department of Defense.

Analyst Report

Gartner: How to Optimize Network Connectivity into Public Cloud Providers

Gartner says that enterprise use of public cloud services will grow at a CAGR of more than 24% from 2021 through 2024. Network infrastructure and ops leaders need to plan how to connect to these cloud services while optimizing on cost, performance, security and management.


Kentik Tech Talks, Episode 9: How to Use Kentik to Check if You're Leaking Data to AS8003 (GRS-DoD)

A mysterious new entity started announcing a lot of formerly unused DoD address space. If your corporate network ever used this formerly unused space for internal numbering, there’s a risk you could be leaking it out to a party that is actively collecting it. Learn how Kentik can help.


Five Cloud Networking Deployment Mistakes That Will Cost You

With physical network infrastructure moving to the cloud, it’s easy to think that networks are instantly faster, more reliable, limitless, and cheap. This fallacy is one of the biggest drivers of cloud deployment mistakes.

Case Study

Major League Baseball Makes a Run at Network Visibility with Kentik

Legacy network-monitoring tools weren’t cutting it for MLB with its demanding lineup of video, gaming, and AI workloads across its data centers, ballparks, and the cloud. Network observability from Kentik changes the game for MLB.

Case Study

G-Core Labs Uses Kentik Synthetics for Proactive Visibility Across All Networks

Global cloud and edge provider G-Core Labs needed to proactively and continuously monitor its distributed infrastructure, including upstream, off-net operator performance. To ensure the best services for its customers, the company deployed Kentik Synthetics.


Kentik Tech Talks, Episode 8: Finding AWS Internal Traffic Misrouted Over the Internet

In this short Tech Talk, Dan Rohan shows how the Kentik Network Observability platform can be used to spot and fix costly, misrouted traffic inside AWS.


Kentik Tech Talks, Episode 7: Drilling Into a Traffic Pattern in Kentik Data Explorer

In this short Tech Talk video, Kentik product expert Dan Kelly demonstrates how to drill down into a specific network traffic pattern and examine various dimensions of the network traffic in question.


Enhance Application Performance with Network Observability

Applications are the foundation of modern digital business. Networks enable them! Find where poor network conditions or problems are degrading your application performance, identify optimization opportunities, and improve user experience.

Case Study

Kentik Delivers a “Networker’s Dream” for Large Enterprise’s Global Network Operations

Read how this global enterprise customer uses Kentik to troubleshoot problems, capacity plan, optimize traffic paths, gain SD-WAN visibility, and detect anomalies fast.


/kent (ə) pēdēə/ noun

a tool for learning about network monitoring and visibility topics such as flow-based traffic analytics (NetFlow, sFlow, and IPFIX), network performance monitoring (NPM), BGP peering, big data, and SaaS.

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