Kentik - Network Flow Analytics

Kentik Data Engine

Kentik Detect® is powered by the Kentik Data Engine™, a clustered, high-availability datastore that’s purpose-built for network monitoring and analytics. KDE ingests vast quantities of unsummarized network data in real time, and it delivers immediate answers to complex questions across trillions of data points. Bottleneck-free and massively scalable, KDE makes Kentik Detect fast, multi-tenant, open, and secure.

The Big Data Difference

As network utilization explodes, so does network traffic data. To keep up, you need near-instant ingest and near-infinite capacity. You can’t get that from systems that were designed when processing and storage were scarce. That’s what separates Kentik Detect from legacy tools: KDE is the only big data platform that’s purpose-built for network visibility.

The Engine at Work

Powered by KDE, Kentik Detect works in real time at Terabit scale. Traffic and performance data from your entire infrastructure is fused into a unified view, available within moments, and stored unsummarized for months. Whether you need instant answers or deep forensic look-back, KDE provides the speed, breadth, and detail that’s lacking in both appliance-based and open-source tools.

Flexible and Extensible

Appliances are typically static, boxing you into a fixed list of capabilities. But KDE is designed to adapt to your needs as they evolve. We’re constantly adding support for new types of correlated data, and we make it easy to apply your own tags and custom dimensions. With KDE’s built-in flexibility, you can tailor Kentik Detect to your business and network context while keeping insights relevant in a world of constant change.

Multiple Deployment Options

With KDE ingest, storage, and query layers that each scale independently, Kentik Detect lets you choose the deployment scenario that best suits your needs. In both public and private SaaS options, the data is stored in our data center, with public using a multi-tenant infrastructure and private using a dedicated cluster. For on-premises deployment, a dedicated cluster is located within your own facility.

Secure by Design

We know how important it is to keep your network data secure. So security best-practices are an integral part of our culture and our product. Each customer’s instance of KDE is logically segregated on the back end, with no path to the data of any other customer. Access to every part of our system is protected, and all stored data lives in a SOC 2-compliant data center.

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