Kentik - Network Flow Analytics

Kentik FAQ

I’d like to try Kentik Detect on a trial basis. How do I get started?
How does Kentik secure my data?
What is Kentik Detect®?
Who started Kentik, and why?
Who can benefit from using Kentik Detect?
What kind of data can I send to Kentik Detect?
How many network devices can I send data from?
How do I send data from my devices to Kentik Detect?
How many flows per second can I send to Kentik Detect?
Do I have to learn a new search language to view or query my data?
How long does Kentik Detect store my data?
What enables Kentik Detect to ingest so much data, store it so long, and query it so fast?
Can I generate reports within Kentik Detect?
What integration options (e.g. APIs) does Kentik Detect support?
Can Kentik Detect protect me from DDoS attacks?
Does Kentik Detect mitigate DDoS attacks?
Can I push alerts from Kentik Detect to my own monitoring system?
How do I share network intelligence from Kentik Detect with others in my organization?
How many users in my organization can use Kentik Detect?
Can I deploy Kentik Detect on premises?
How much does Kentik Detect cost?
Is the Kentik Data Engine just Postgres?
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