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Kentik Sees Record Growth as Enterprises and Service Providers Deploy Network Traffic Intelligence to Drive Digital Transformation Goals

SAN FRANCISCO – February 1, 2018 – Kentik, the only SaaS-based network traffic intelligence company, today announced the company observed 11x growth in annual recurring revenue (ARR) in the last two years. The company attributes its continued momentum to cross-industry adoption of Kentik Detect®, its SaaS-based network analytics platform – which now ingests over 200 billion flow records daily – to provide enterprises and service providers with the most modern, scalable, and secure way to leverage network data for operations and business intelligence.

“Many businesses are pushing for digital transformation in the form of automation, multi-cloud deployments, IoT adoption, and software-defined-everything, to drive greater business agility and generate more revenue. Yet, those organizations realize that legacy tools used to monitor their underlying networks – which are the foundation of digital transformation – cannot keep pace with the sheer volume of data being generated from these new initiatives, nor can they provide the level of network visibility needed to track towards digital transformation goals,” said Avi Freedman, co-founder and CEO of Kentik. “As a SaaS-based, modern approach for leveraging network data to provide real-time technical and business intelligence, Kentik has the network analytics solution that enterprises and service providers need and are using to drive their technical and business operations, and that’s a big part of our continued growth.”

In 2017, Kentik expanded its customer base in the U.S., Europe and Asia, with an increased adoption rate coming from service providers, financial, and media and entertainment companies. Kentik customers now include:

  • 5 of the top-10 global ISPs
  • 2 of the top-5 cloud providers
  • 2 of the top-5 biggest hosting providers
  • 1 of the top-5 biggest public cybersecurity vendors
  • 1 of the top-3 world’s largest travel companies

News of Kentik’s growth falls on the heels of an announcement that the company added significant new capabilities to its network traffic intelligence platform in 2017, including application and cloud performance insights, CDN attribution, threat feeds, and a new user interface. The product developments provide greater context and ease-of-use for fast network insights, which is part of Kentik’s mission to provide everyone – from network operators, to security teams, to IT managers and executives – with the means to extract useful intelligence from network traffic.

Kentik’s customers also continue to see great success with their implementations. Through a TechValidate survey commissioned by Kentik in 2017, over 200 customers reported that by leveraging the Kentik Detect platform, they observe:

  • 38% more network uptime
  • 41% faster MTTR / MTTI
  • 39% fewer SLA payouts
  • 47% greater user experience
  • 53% more DDoS attacks defended

Industry recognition for Kentik in 2017 included the company being named a winner of the ONUG Right Stuff Innovation Awards, which is presented by key business leaders and technology experts from the networking community. This follows Kentik’s platform being recognized by Gartner, Forrester and IDC the previous year. Kentik also expanded its partnership footprint in 2017, launching a formal channel program. More than 20 partners worldwide have signed on for the program, and Kentik has many big partnership plans coming in 2018.

Kentik also doubled its employee headcount in 2017. With 70 employees now in the U.S. and Europe, the company is continuing to expand its talent in engineering, sales, and marketing to strengthen innovation in and adoption of its network traffic intelligence platform.

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About Kentik

Kentik is the network traffic intelligence company. Kentik turns network traffic – billions of digital footprints – into real-time intelligence for both business and technical operations. Network operators, engineers, and security teams use Kentik to manage and optimize the performance, security, and potential of their networks and their business. The company was founded by network and big data technologists and executives from companies such as Akamai, CloudFlare, YouTube, and Netflix, with decades of experience in operations, architecture, and distributed systems. Kentik is headquartered in San Francisco. Visit or follow @KentikInc on Twitter.

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