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Kentik Market Intelligence launches to benchmark the internet

Service providers and digital businesses gain competitive intelligence with KMI

SAN FRANCISCO – Feb. 10, 2022 – Kentik®, the network observability company, today announced the launch of Kentik Market Intelligence (KMI), a new product that gives internet service providers (ISPs) and digital businesses a way to navigate and interpret the global internet ecosystem. With KMI, users gain competitive intelligence to benchmark how their network stacks up against others, establish cost-reducing peering relationships, understand the most widely connected providers in different geographies, and prospect for new sales opportunities.

“The launch of Kentik Market Intelligence comes from popular demand. For too long, ISPs have relied on a mix of oral tradition and the manual process of crunching vast amounts of routing-table data to try to understand how networks connect to each other,” said Avi Freedman, co-founder and CEO of Kentik. “KMI is the fastest, easiest and only commercially available product to provide an out-of-the-box, global understanding of the internet ecosystem.”

“As the world’s number one ranked IP backbone, Kentik Market Intelligence provides us with an easy-to-view, up-to-date and detailed understanding of global IP traffic flows for our key markets,” said Mark Currier, Global Product Manager at Arelion. “KMI provides the capability to independently compare and validate our network connectivity and offers valuable market insights which support our day-to-day decision-making.”

The benefits of KMI for engineering, marketing and sales teams include:

  • Benchmarking against competitors and the internet: Monitor how competitors’ rankings are evolving. See which service providers connect to the most customer networks in any market. Get alerts when there are changes to relationships.

  • Cost-reducing, data-driven peering and interconnection decisions: Learn about customers, providers and peer relationships of any autonomous system (AS) in any country to support network expansion and interconnection.

  • Prospecting for new sales opportunities: Identify competitors’ customers in any market, including whether or not they are critically dependent on a single upstream provider.

  • Market expansion: Understand the reach and relative market share of each autonomous system number (ASN) across geographies of interest. Market network connectivity based on objective ranking data in a geographical market.

KMI processes hundreds of millions of BGP routing announcements every day and classifies AS relationships into peering and transit. As a result, KMI users can identify the relative size of providers, peers and customers for any AS in any geography. The information is presented in easy to interpret rankings and charts.

Some of the top networks and largest internet-traffic carriers across various geographies include: Arelion (formerly Telia Carrier), Cogent, GTT Communications, Hurricane Electric, Lumen, NTT America, PCCW Global, Tata Communications, Telecom Italia Sparkle, and Zayo. To see where these and other ISPs rank, or to learn more about Kentik Market Intelligence, visit

NANOG 84 attendees can get a live demo of KMI at the conference next week, February 14-16.

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