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The Kentik Detect portal puts the full power of network traffic analytics at your fingertips. With instant access to months of unsummarized data you won’t have to guess at critical details or wait hours for results. Powerful, multi-dimensional ad hoc queries return granular answers in seconds, and real-time customizable dashboards allow you to see clearly what’s happening right now. The portal is also your one-stop destination for configuring custom alerts, managing Kentik settings, and onboarding devices and users. You can even use REST or SQL APIs to access and configure portal functionality.

Ad hoc, multi-dimensional power

Kentik Detect’s portal is your gateway to data-driven network intelligence. Compose ad hoc queries across more than 60 different traffic data fields using multiple group-by dimensions, selectable traffic and performance metrics, and filters on any combination of fields. Query billions of records covering months of raw, unsummarized data and receive answers in seconds. Select from multiple visualization graphs and examine the details in tables. Intuitive and comprehensive, the portal provides unsurpassed scope and granularity for both real-time and forensic analytics, giving you the tools you need to quickly find and understand any network traffic or performance issue.

See the power of our portal in our Data Explorer Overview video.

Detailed custom alerts

Network operators don’t have the bandwidth to monitor manually every minute of the day. That’s why Kentik Detect harnesses the full power and flexibility of SQL to enable you to craft alerts that are as broad or precise as you need them to be. You can start by configuring our ready-made alert templates or write your own alerts from scratch. And you can configure supplemental queries that automatically gather follow-up information when the primary alert is triggered. With alert notifications via email, syslog, or URL, you can be confident that you’ll always be in the know about your network.

See how it works. Check out this video on Kentik Detect Alerting.

Powerful peering analytics

How does your traffic get where it’s going? With unsurpassed BGP-based peering analytics, Kentik Detect shows your traffic flow by AS, device, and geography. Create a BGP-based dataset from any combination of devices, dimensions, and time range. See graphs and tables showing traffic by BGP path, countries, or ASNs (last-hop, transit, or next-hop). Apply additional filters and zoom in on paths involving an individual AS or country. Kentik Detect’s peering analytics lets you assess the value of current peering relationships and to find promising candidates for additional savings or business opportunities.

Ready to learn more about peering analytics in Kentik Detect? See our Introducing BGP Peering Analytics blog post.

Custom dashboard views

What do you need to see to manage your network? Kentik thinks you’re the one who knows best. That’s why we provide multiple dashboard options that can be customized and saved. Live data views show overall traffic at the instant of ingest, sliced by metrics including protocol, country, and ASN. Device dashboards show traffic stats, filterable by flow fields, for any device combination over a user-definable lookback window. And data is continuously updated as it’s received, so you’ll be able to respond sooner to issues like DDoS attacks or routing roadblocks.

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