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Built around open standards, Kentik Detect is ideal for integration with existing monitoring, detection, and analytics systems. Kentik-collected network data such as NetFlow, SNMP, and BGP is ingested and stored in the Kentik Data Engine the moment it’s received from routers and hosts. Once your data is in the KDE, it’s immediately accessible not only from the Kentik portal but also via the Kentik API or a SQL client.

API or SQL client

The Kentik Data Engine can be queried from any client that supports the PostgreSQL library. Use a scriptable client for effectively unlimited control over the retrieval of stored network data. You can also access your data via the Kentik API, a RESTful interface that enables powerful SQL-based querying on every aspect of received flow. The API also lets you access administrative functions related to devices, users, alerts, and tags.

For more details, see our screencast on the Kentik portal Query Editor & API.

Monitoring and alerting

With unparalleled ingest capacity and near-instant turnaround for data availability, Kentik Detect is ideal for adding network data collection and storage to existing monitoring systems. The Kentik Data Engine can be queried at any user-specified interval on any combination of NetFlow, SNMP, and BGP parameters, and the results can feed displays and analytics in external systems. You can also push alerts from Kentik’s sophisticated, highly-customizable query-driven alerting system directly to DDoS mitigation systems for fast response to developing attacks.

Analytics and peering

Your Kentik datastore is a rich resource for insights that help you capture unrealized ROI. We index flow data at ingest for fast access, and we keep it at full resolution for months. You can work with the data in our portal or take advantage of easy integration with existing analytics systems. Track how traffic gets to and from your network, so you can identify peering opportunities and save on connection costs. Or use ASNs to find network users who might be in the market for your services. With Kentik, your network data will be accessible from any tool you choose.

Customer-level visibility

Integration with Kentik Detect lets service providers offer network visibility directly to customers as a value-added service. With Kentik-driven metrics incorporated into their portals, customers will be able to see detailed information about network utilization and status, including where their traffic is coming from and whether they’ve been the target of a DDoS attack. Customer-level visibility creates an opportunity to enhance revenue and build loyalty, and can be a valuable differentiator in a competitive provider environment.

Learn about integrating Kentik-powered graphs into your customer portal with our Data Explorer API How-to.

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