Kentik - Network Observability


How Network Service Providers Leverage AIOps to Increase Profits

To regain competitiveness in the communications market, telecom operators first need to have complete and instant visibility into what is happening in their networks. AIOps can play a valuable role for network operators by both providing thorough data visibility and delivering actionable intelligence in real time.



“Communication service providers’ (CSPs) revenues and profit have been pressured by exponentially increasing traffic, declining price per Gigabit, as well as by competition from inside and outside of the industry. The first step to regain competitiveness is for CSPs to have complete and instant visibility into what is happening in the network.”

Download this Intelligence whitepaper to learn how operators can leverage the power of AIOps to improve their business operations and generate more profit.

Topics Covered in this Whitepaper

  • The increasing complexity of service provider networks and profit pressures
  • The role of AI and AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) in empowering networks
  • Using AIOPs to restore competitive edge
  • Kentik’s approach to using AIOPs techniques in network monitoring and analytics
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