Kentik - Network Observability


AWS Cloud Adoption, Visibility & Management

We surveyed 310 technical and executive-level peers at a recent AWS user conference to learn more about how organizations are addressing today’s cloud visibility and cloud management challenges.



We’ve reached a point where cloud providers are recognized for taking away the huge overhead of building, maintaining, and upgrading physical infrastructure. However, the rapid expansion of public cloud use — as well as multi-cloud, hybrid cloud and cloud-native environments — is creating new visibility challenges.

With increasingly distributed systems, many organizations and the operations personnel behind them are struggling to find a realistic visibility strategy that spans their entire infrastructure.

We surveyed our networking peers to learn more.

Topics We Covered

  • The most common multi-cloud combinations
  • The number of multi-cloud users compared to hybrid-cloud users
  • The biggest cloud challenges
  • The influx of monitoring tools, and how many tools are used together to gain cloud visibility
  • How users track AWS costs
  • The use of VPC Flow Logs
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