Kentik - Network Observability

Ready to see Kentik in action?

Gain complete visibility into your entire network and infrastructure — from internet to data center to container to cloud.

Thousands of network and cloud teams rely on Kentik to:

Reduce cloud and network costs

Optimize performance at scale

Rapidly troubleshoot complex issues

Ensure an amazing customer experience



Deliver reliable, cost-effective network infrastructure at scale

Get the most out of Kentik

Monitor digital experience
Manage edge
Nail migrations
Control cloud cost
Neutralize DDoS
Assess performance
Troubleshoot performance
Plan capacity

The smart money’s on Kentik


Customer love

“Kentik is the only tool I was willing to pay for; it’s that good.”

Pedro Carvalho, Senior Network Engineer

“Previously, we didn’t have anywhere near the granularity of data we have with Kentik.”

Jurriën Rasing, Group Product Manager for Platform Engineering

“Kentik is great for deciding who to peer with or finding the most efficient path for traffic. It’s actionable intelligence with a tangible impact.”

Raman Sud, Director of Internet Services

“Kentik gives us the level of detail necessary to pinpoint a problem and resolve it quickly.”

Malte von dem Hagen, Director of the Global Backbone
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