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Webinar: Five Cloud Deployment Mistakes That Will Cost You

Live Webinar
February 13, 2019

Join Kentik for a live webinar: February 13, 10:30am PT / 1:30pm ET

With physical network infrastructure moving to the cloud, it’s easy to think that networks are instantly faster, more reliable, limitless, and cheap. However, the reality is that cloud technology can be complex, especially when it comes to networking. Combined with the rapid pace of deployment and lack of visibility into how cloud resources are being utilized, it’s easy to make costly mistakes.

Join Jim Meehan, Kentik Product Marketing Director, to discuss five network-related cloud deployment mistakes that you might not be aware of, but can negate the cloud benefits that you’re hoping to achieve.

  • Mistake #1 - Duplicate services and unknown dependencies
  • Mistake #2 - Traffic or request hair-pinning
  • Mistake #3 - Unnecessary inter-region traffic
  • Mistake #4 - Missing compression
  • Mistake #5 - Internet traffic delivery

We will also advise how to avoid these top cloud deployment mistakes with pervasive visibility.

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