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DDoS attacks are costly to your reputation and your bottom line. What does it take to minimize the damage? Recognize the attack as quickly as possible. Determine what kind of attack it is. And discover as quickly as possible where it’s coming from. To do that, Kentik Detect continuously applies real-time analytics to incoming network data. It alerts you in seconds to custom-defined anomalous conditions. And it gives you a fast, intuitive toolset that helps reveal the nature and source of attacks. With Kentik Detect you’ll have the network intelligence you need for quick and effective DDoS mitigation.

Continuous anomaly detection

Kentik Detect continuously ingests network data (NetFlow, sFlow, IPFIX, SNMP, BGP, etc.) from your devices into the Kentik Data Engine, where it’s evaluated against any alerts that have been enabled in the portal. That means we’re constantly on the lookout, and you’ll know in under a minute about any combination of conditions you choose. You can configure the alerting templates that we’ve developed based on common scenarios or create your own alerts from scratch. Either way, Kentik Detect is a vigilant ally in the battle against attacks.

Automated parsing of Kentik Detect alerts can speed your DDoS response. Learn how.

Instant notification

With Kentik Detect you’ll be able to respond to attacks at the first sign of trouble. The moment that incoming traffic meets the conditions you’ve specified in your alerts, we’ll issue a detailed notification via email, syslog, and/or URL. And we give you regular reminders, at intervals of your choice, as long as the anomalous condition persists. So if your initial response is to see what develops, we’ll keep tabs on the situation for you. With both Status Change and Reminder notifications, Kentik Detect’s sub-minute alerting capabilities will keep you in the know on the status of your network.

Delve deeper into alerts with our Kentik Detect Alerting video.

Trace tainted traffic

Kentik Detect’s sub-minute alert notifications serve as your first line of defense, and they provide important details including which data is out of normal range, the number of anomalous instances, and the alert severity. They also include a direct link to the Kentik portal’s alert dashboard so you can see additional alert details and open the alert in the Query Editor. With powerful visualization and filtering to help you dig deeper into the origin of attacks, Kentik Detect helps you defend your network with a faster, better-informed response.

Learn how Kentik Detect’s Data Explorer helps you respond to DDoS attacks.

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