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Education is home to the original “hybrid” networks — part service provider, part enterprise IT. To operate effectively across departments, facilities, campuses, and regional networks, you need to be able to plan capacity, optimize performance, protect against attacks, and troubleshoot outages. Kentik applies a modern cloud and big data architecture to these essential requirements so you can ensure a seamless experience for today’s tech-savvy learners.
  • “Kentik provides us network visibility we have never had in the past. We quickly see high-level status of network attackers with the ability to drill down to understand what response is required. Previously, we needed to already know what we were looking for in our netflow data, now the data informs us.”
    Troy Jordan, Security Manager
  • “Kentik has made analyzing our flow data and detecting DDoS attacks a breeze.”
    Andrew Laubach, Senior Network Architect
  • “I recommend Kentik for its flexibility and the depth of the solution, as well as the speed of generating reports. Kentik gives us better insights than our previous in-house flow data applications. (We went through three different ones.)”
    Larry Konig, Network Operations Manager
  • “We used Kentik to assist a school during a major DDoS event. With Kentik, we were able to show them what was happening simply and effectively.”
    Sean Carr, Engineer
  • “Kentik gives us increased visibility into our Cloud First Initiative efforts, providing us with powerful and concrete ways to examine the landscape of cloud vendors already in use, and the ability to monitor our peerings as initiative progress.”
    IT Manager for Ivy League Research University
  • “We can easily investigate, discover, and share very intuitive information about network traffic patterns and events.”
    Network Engineer for Top-20 University Business School

Solutions for Research and Education

Network Traffic Analysis
Visibility for Every Network
Security and DDoS
Service Provider Intelligence
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