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Troubleshoot and Secure Your Cloud with AWS VPC Traffic Mirroring and Kentik



AWS announced support for VPC Traffic Mirroring to additional AWS instance types. The Kentik Network Observability Cloud provides visibility and insights into AWS mirrored traffic.

AWS announced support for VPC Traffic Mirroring across a broader range of their infrastructure beyond Nitro-based EC2 instances. VPC Traffic Mirroring is now also supported on instance types such as C4, D2, G3, G3s, H1, I3, M4, P2, P3, R4, X1, and X1e. At Kentik, we are very excited about AWS’s commitment to providing direct access to the VPC network traffic, addressing the growing need to observe the network traffic as a foundation for delivering fast and secure services.

One key benefit of VPC Traffic Mirroring is to provide visibility into VPC traffic without requiring packet-forwarding agents. With this feature, customers can send a copy of their inbound and outbound traffic going through the instances’ network interfaces to a network observability solution for performance, connectivity, and security issues troubleshooting.

AWS Mirrored Traffic Granular View using Kentik Data Explorer

Kentik Network Observability Cloud provides the answers you need regarding your AWS VPC traffic

Network observability is Kentik’s DNA. With Kentik, you can answer any question related to any network. To deliver network observability, Kentik ingests granular data of multiple types and sources from public clouds and private infrastructures. Kentik takes not only mirrored packets from AWS instances but also VPC flow logs, metrics, events, metadata, and more. In hybrid deployments, Kentik also collects flow data (e.g., NetFlow, sFlow), BGP routing, streaming telemetry, SNMP, and context data. We bring in all these data to enable fast, streamlined troubleshooting and analysis of events both in real time and on historical data.

Kentik gains deep insight from packet flows without applying compute-intensive DPI processing. This more efficient approach supports important use cases:

  • Executing root-cause analysis on a performance issue
  • Understanding sophisticated network attack
  • Detecting and stopping compromised workloads
AWS Mirrored Traffic Details Visualization with Kentik.

If you had a platform that could show your traffic’s specific characteristics and attributes, what would you do with it? Security evaluation? Network access rules validation? Performance evaluation and quickly get to the root cause of a degradation? Architecture auditing? Capacity planning?

These and many other use cases are supported with Kentik Network Observability Cloud because we ingest all your network telemetry and process it at a massive scale and high speed. We gather, store, enrich, and correlate granular data about on-premises and cloud networks, host and container flow, internet routing, performance tests, device metrics and more. When you need to know anything about the network or investigate any issue regarding your traffic, we use this data to give you answers in a meaningful way, timely and reliable.

Give us a shout out and let us know your use cases for Amazon VPC Traffic Mirroring and what answers you are looking for.

Join Kentik’s chief product officer, Christoph Pfister, for a lively deep-dive into network observability: Watch our webinar “Five Steps to Network Observability Nirvana”.

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