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PacketPushers: Flight from the Public Cloud?

Co-founder & CEO
August 08, 2016

On Public Cloud, OpenStack, DevOps, and NetOps


It’s always a pleasure to have an in-depth conversation with smart, technical people. This past January, I got the chance to share about Kentik’s Big Data-based approach to NetFlow analysis during the PacketPushers PriorityQueue podcast. At the time, we also tossed around some other topics that would be intriguing to explore at a later time. That time is now.

In this three-part episode of the PacketPushers Datanauts podcast, entitled “Flight from the Public Cloud?”, I joined hosts Ethan Banks and Chris Wahl to discuss three hot button topics related to the cloud.

In part one, Ethan and Chris and I discuss why web companies, ISPs, hosting companies and other digital enterprises that generate revenue from their IP traffic have tended over time to migrate from public cloud to infrastructure they own and operate themselves.

Listen to the podcast now:

In part two, we explore the phenomenon of digital enterprises opting out of OpenStack deployments while considering where OpenStack is helpful. We also talk about GIFEE (Google Infrastructure For Everyone Else).

In part three, we dig into the idea that network operations has been doing DevOps for decades, what DevOps-like network monitoring looks like today, what is holding back broader adoption of DevOps practices in networking, and what the future holds for network orchestration.

To access the full Datanauts podcast page, visit:

It was a fun conversation and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. If you have thoughts or questions, feel free to look me up on Twitter at @avifreedman.

Want to learn more about NetFlow analysis in the cloud? Read about Kentik Detect, the industry’s first Big Data-powered SaaS solution for network traffic and performance analytics. Or see for yourself what you can do with Kentik by signing up for a free trial. And if you’re inspired to get involved, we’re hiring!

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