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Internet blackout in Kazakhstan as crisis continues

January 5, 2022
The Internet of Kazakhstan went completely offline today in the latest development in an on-going crisis triggered by the country’s fuel prices.

Kazakhstan recently opted to remove price controls which had kept the cost of liquefied petroleum gas artificially low. A spike in prices caused widespread protests and today the government of Kazakhstan resigned in response to the protests.

According to Kentik aggregate NetFlow data, internet traffic to and from Kazakhstan stopped at 10:45 UTC (4:45pm local) and has yet to be restored.

The dropoff of connectivity is also visible in CAIDA IODA and Cloudflare Radar.

Doug Madory

Doug Madory is the director of internet analysis for Kentik where he works on internet infrastructure analysis. The Washington Post dubbed him “The Man who can see the Internet” for his reputation in identifying significant developments in the global layout of the internet. Doug is regularly quoted by major news outlets about developments ranging from national blackouts to BGP hijacks to the activation of submarine cables. Prior to Kentik, he was the lead analyst for Oracle’s internet intelligence team (formerly Dyn Research and Renesys).

Twitter: @DougMadory

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