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As network and service operators and developers, we’ve spent our professional lives designing and running large-scale networks. We know the shortcomings of available tools. What we always wanted — but never found — was an infrastructure visibility solution that’s scalable, powerful, easy to use, and affordable. We started Kentik to create that solution.

What We Believe

The truth is in the traffic.

The truth is in the traffic.

As network operators, we know actual traffic data is the ultimate source of truth for any network question. To provide the best possible understanding of what’s happening with your network, your customers, and your services, we capture traffic flow data at scale, tag it with application and business context, and enable ultra-fast network-savvy analytics.
The network matters more than ever.

The network matters more than ever.

In today’s digital world, being connected is everything. If packets don’t move, users and customers are impacted and revenue doesn’t flow. If you run your network well, you’re set up for success. Run it poorly, and nothing else will matter.
It’s not just your own network anymore.

It’s not just your own network anymore.

The Internet has changed everything — and broke your legacy network appliances and tools. Kentik is Internet-native and gives you immediate visibility wherever your traffic flows. With Kentik, you see the entire network picture in one place so you can optimize traffic delivery across every network, including the ones you don’t own.
Business context is critical.

Business context is critical.

Visibility is crucial, but without business context you’re managing your network in a vacuum. Kentik unifies app, user, and customer data with actual network traffic in real-time, which means every network event or analysis can be tied to what matters: revenue and costs, customer and user experience, performance and risk.
Modern networks require a modern approach.

Modern networks require a modern approach.

In last 20 years, nearly everything about managing networks has changed, leaving legacy tools and appliances with massive gaps and blind spots. We think modern networks demand a modern solution, so that’s what we built: SaaS-based, Internet-native, real-time and historical, open and easy.
Network teams can be enterprise rock stars.

Network teams can be enterprise rock stars.

Because nearly everything that matters crosses the wire, network teams can see things no one else can. Kentik gives you the power. Build better networks. Partner with DevOps for flawless app delivery. Protect the business with SecOps. Create new services. Identify Sales prospects and help Finance understand the true cost of contracts. When the network is everything, everything is an opportunity.

Kentik Leadership Team

Avi Freedman
Co-Founder, CEO
Justin Biegel
Co-Founder, COO
Ian Pye
Co-Founder, Chief Scientist
Alfred Yu
Christoph Pfister
Rob Markovich
Michael Ho
VP, Engineering
Nick Stinemates
VP, Business Development
Jim Frey
VP, Channel Sales

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