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Who We Are

As network and service operators and developers, we’ve spent our entire professional lives designing and running large-scale networks and CDNs. With decades of experience, we know the shortcomings of available tools. What we always wanted — but never found — was an infrastructure visibility solution that’s scalable, powerful, easy to use, and affordable. We started Kentik to create that solution.


What We Believe

Icon - The Truth is in the Traffic

The truth is in the traffic.

We built Kentik on the idea that network traffic data can revolutionize network management and digital business. As long-time network operators, we know that actual traffic data is the ultimate source of truth for any network question (and many business ones). To provide the richest possible understanding of what’s happening to you, your customers, and your services, we capture traffic data at scale, infuse it with application and business data, and enable ultra-fast network-savvy analytics. We’re already showing the true picture to hundreds of customers, including both service providers and modern enterprises.

Icon - Network Matters

The network matters more than ever.

In today’s digital world, the network is critical. Businesses in nearly every industry rely on networks across every aspect of their operations. If packets don’t move, users and customers are impacted and revenue doesn’t flow. In a way, that makes it simple. Run your network well, and you’re set up for success. Run it poorly, and nothing else will matter.

Icon - Not Just Your Network

It’s not just your own network anymore.

The Internet has changed everything — except for your legacy network appliances and tools. They can’t fully understand the Internet because they were designed decades before it became a central element of enterprise networking. Kentik, on the other hand, is Internet-native. We built it for traffic that’s not just on your own network, but everywhere. With Kentik, you see the entire network picture in one place so you can optimize traffic delivery across all of the networks, internal and external, that serve your enterprise.

Icon - Business Context is Critical

Business context is critical.

Full traffic visibility is crucial, but without business context you’re managing your network in a vacuum. Based on your business priorities, what are the impacts of network performance and issues? Kentik shows you by unifying app, user, and customer data with actual network traffic in real-time. When technical and business perspectives are integrated, every network event or analysis can be tied to what matters: revenue and costs, customer and user experience, performance and risk.

Icon - Modern Networks

Modern networks require a modern approach.

Over the last 20 years, nearly everything about networks has changed. We’ve seen a staggering series of disruptions, including the Internet, cloud, mobile, industrial cyber-threats, SDN/NFV, IoT, and more. This radically different environment leaves legacy tools and appliances with massive gaps and blind spots. We think modern networks demand a modern solution. So that’s exactly what we built: Internet-native, real-time and historical, open and easy.

Icon - Enterprise Rockstars

Network teams can be enterprise rock stars.

How does Kentik help network teams maximize their value to the enterprise? It starts with the ability to plan, build, and run high-performance, agile networks. But that’s just the beginning. Partner with DevOps for flawless app delivery, and with security teams to protect the business. Create new services for top-line revenue. Identify prospects and partners for Sales, and help Finance better understand the true cost of contracts. When everything touches the network, the network is central to your organization’s success. Kentik empowers your teams to embrace that opportunity.

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