Kentik - Network Observability
Solution Brief

Gigamon Joint Solution Brief

Improve Network Performance Management and Anomaly Detection with Kentik Detect and the Gigamon Visibility Fabric

As networks grow and traffic skyrockets, effective network management and security are essential to the smooth functioning of businesses across the globe. Network operators need fast, clear, and pervasive visibility to detect attacks and performance issues, and they need flexible access to detailed, long-term data for forensics and analytics.

Currently, however, there is a disconnect between these requirements and the capabilities of available tools. Architected with inherent limitations, existing systems cannot keep pace with the steep growth of network utilization. What’s needed instead is a scalable, open, multi-tenant solution which provides network visibility for the challenges today’s non-stop operations presents—a solution like Kentik Detect.

Built on a scalable Big Data backend, Kentik Detect can free network operators from the limits of legacy approaches to visibility, alerting, and analytics. With unbounded ad-hoc analytics and lightning-fast query response, Kentik Detect helps provide the capabilities needed to turn network data into valuable and actionable intelligence.

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