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Beam me up, Avi: Kentik CEO thinks we might need the Federation to block DDoS

From this 451 Research report:

"Responding to questions from 451 Research about the current DDoS attacks, Avi Freedman, Kentik CEO (and longtime Internet infrastructure expert) described an innovative federated model for DDoS solutions, bearing some resemblance to some advanced CDN models that he has suggested in the past (Freedman led Akamai's early networking strategy)."

“The proposed solution architecture is based on both centralized (detection and control) and distributed (mitigation) elements, typically owned by many different parties – hence the need for federation. The most innovative (or challenging) aspect of what Freedman suggests is the economic model: make the mitigation technology is cheap as possible; include a ‘settlement’ system in the architecture that compensates those performing the mitigation when protection is invoked (incoming traffic would be redirected only when an attack is detected).

Freeman has been around the block many times, and understands that what he is proposing would be unlikely to happen under ‘normal’ circumstances. His hope is that the seriousness of recent threats, and the clear potential for much worse attacks, will be enough to motivate the Internet ecosystem to consider something new for the collective good.”

Download the full report to read on and learn “The 451 Take” on:

  • How Freedman’s proposal could be implemented quickly and cost-effectively.
  • The need for improved DDoS protection.
  • The potential architecture, product features and market for this federated approach to DDoS mitigation and how these intersect with Kentik’s solutions.
  • A SWOT analysis of the proposed solution.

Download the Analyst Report


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