Kentik - Network Flow Analytics

Security and DDoS

As attacks proliferate, your network, applications, and customers are on the front lines. Networks carry the threats, but most legacy tools leave traffic data out of the fight. So how can you stop what your tools don’t show? Get Kentik’s security-aware network traffic intelligence platform. With custom dashboards, real-time forensic drill-down, and unsurpassed anomaly detection, you’ll be able to identify, investigate, and prevent costly attacks.

DDoS Defense

Kentik includes the industry’s most accurate detection of DDoS attacks and other anomalies such as large-scale data exfiltration. Multi-level thresholds escalate threats as they develop, and built-in integrations enable automated triggers for internal or third-party mitigation.


  • Detect and defend up to 50% more attacks* (TechValidate 2017 Customer Survey)
  • Enable turn-key, vendor-neutral protection
  • Utilize a single platform for attack detection, mitigation, and investigation
  • Create differentiated “clean pipe” services

“Kentik is a game-changer for network operations. Since deploying Kentik’s big data-based detection and automated triggering of our Radware mitigation platform in May of this year, we have seen an over 30 percent improvement in catching and stopping DDoS attacks. Kentik helps us deliver better service to our customers, and has freed our engineers from constant firefighting so they can focus on projects that will move us forward.”

- Brian Mengel, CTO, PenTeleData

DNS Security

Like your network as a whole, your DNS infrastructure is critical for service availability and a target for bad actors. Kentik’s real-time monitoring of the DNS query stream helps you understand utilization and catch attacks and misconfiguration.


  • Pinpoint infected hosts or data exfiltration by monitoring DNS query details and traffic volume for suspicious activity
  • Detect and alert on inbound or outbound DNS attacks involving bots or DNS reflection and amplification
  • Find and remediate misconfigured CPE devices in service provider networks

Real-Time Network Forensics

You can’t analyze data that you can’t keep. With the industry’s fastest, most scalable storage for unsummarized flow records, Kentik Detect gives your NetOps and SecOps teams the rapid, ad-hoc answers they need for proactive and forensic analytics.


  • Leverage Kentik’s unique Big Data engine to retain and explore months of unsummarized traffic data
  • Answer any ad hoc question within moments
  • Improve incident response outcomes and timelines by enabling collaboration across teams
  • Continuously strengthen your overall security posture

“The way Kentik displays and visualizes traffic and the intuitive UI make it easy for our teams to pick up anomalies and drill into investigations. Using Kentik’s built-in sharing tools, our security team can quickly direct our network team to what they’re looking at, and the network team can instantly view the same issue and data. With that kind of collaboration, the teams can more quickly triage and resolve both network and security incidents, which has led to an overall reduction in our mean-time-to-investigate (MTTI) and mean-time-to-resolve (MTTR).”

- Lee Chieffalo, Senior Network Engineer, Viasat

Cyber Threat Hunting

Network security is enterprise security, making network traffic data key to the defense against threats. As a security-aware traffic analytics platform, Kentik Detect gives pervasive, granular visibility into traffic data, enabling proactive threat detection and improved overall security.


  • Turn your network into a powerful, pervasive security sensor using Kentik’s adaptive baselining and real-time anomaly detection
  • Enable faster detection and response with unified, collaborative workflows
  • Leverage internal and Kentik threat intelligence to get visibility into potentially infected hosts

“When we deployed Kentik, we quickly gained live security monitoring and security investigation insights. With such good visibility from Kentik, we’re able to offload traffic that’s malicious in nature with a much greater degree of accuracy.”

- Alex Kitthikoune, Network Administrator
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