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Kentik Detect runs on a purpose-built platform that’s architected for big data and optimized for network intelligence. The heart of our solution is the Kentik Data Engine (KDE), the back end that runs our clustered, high-availability datastore. Fast, multi-tenant, open, secure, and extensible, the KDE is bottleneck-free and massively scalable. That makes Kentik Detect uniquely capable of handling rapid growth in network utilization. Deployed in the cloud or on-premises, the KDE is ready today for the traffic of tomorrow.

The big data difference

Network utilization keeps growing, but infrastructure visibility hasn’t kept pace. Why? Because as traffic explodes, so does network data. To get actionable intelligence from that data, you need near-instant ingest and near-infinite capacity. Existing visibility tools can’t do that. Designed when traffic was a fraction of its current volume, they’ve got built-in bottlenecks that compromise both monitoring and forensics. That’s what makes Kentik Detect different: it’s a purpose-built big data solution that’s optimized for network visibility.

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The engine at work

Kentik Data Engine handles continuous Terabit-scale ingest of multi-source network data (NetFlow, SNMP, BGP) from network devices. We can also deploy host agents to generate and send flow data from server infrastructure. The engine makes this data available in moments, fused into a single database for a unified view. It’s multi-tenant, enabling sub-minute response to simultaneous queries from multiple users. And it stores your data at full resolution for months with no summarization or roll-ups, allowing detailed forensic look-back. In short, Kentik Data Engine enables the speed, breadth, and detail that’s lacking in existing visibility tools, whether appliance-based or open-source.

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Open and secure

Kentik Detect is open at scale. You can access your data in any PostgreSQL client and also via industry-standard REST APIs that offer cloud-scale performance so you’re never limited in how you can much data you can access. That makes it easy to integrate with customer portals, internal monitoring systems, and automated DDoS mitigation systems. But Kentik Detect is also highly secure. Data can be encrypted in transit, and each customer’s instance of Kentik Data Engine runs completely segregated on the backend, with no access path from one customer to the data of another.

Questions about the details? Check our Knowledge Base article on Kentik Security.

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