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What's New at Kentik

Join Leon Adato for a monthly recap of everything new at Kentik. From product updates to upcoming events, this hilarious series catches you up on everything you may have missed from your friends at Kentik.

Episode 7

June 2024
Learn about improvements to Kentik's search bar, explore the highlights of the recent Network Management Megatrends report, and get an introduction to our new video series, Kentik Close-Up. We also explore the Kentik API and how to use it with tools like Telegraf.

Episode 6

April 2024
Check out new AI features, a handy dashboard management tool, and a guide to migrating to Kentik NMS. Discover how Kentik Journeys integrates with the Kentik Knowledgebase, explore enhanced DDoS attack defenses, and learn how synthetic testing can keep your network running smoothly.

Episode 5

March 2024
Learn about Kentik Journeys for iterative troubleshooting, PeeringDB integration for enhanced network insights, and the utility of Kentik's API for custom data interactions. See how these features enable deeper network analysis and streamline operational workflows.

Episode 4

February 2024
Kentik NMS and AI are the big news this month! Join Leon as he unveils the groundbreaking Kentik NMS (Network Monitoring System) and Kentik AI, designed to enhance network observability with advanced metrics and intelligent, natural language query capabilities.

Episode 3

January 2024
As we begin 2024, Leon dives into the latest offerings and insights from Kentik. Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the field of network observability, this episode is packed with information, humor, and insights into Kentik's recent developments.

Episode 2

December 2023
Join Leon in the second episode as he shares the latest updates and insights from Kentik. Here, Leon discusses Kentik's participation at AWS re:Invent, highlighting the significance of such events for networking and business development. He shares some new capabilities of Kentik's Data Explorer query API, making it more robust and user-friendly.

Episode 1

November 2023
In this inaugural episode, Leon unveils complete Azure observability for Kentik Cloud, introduces the groundbreaking Kentik Kube for Kubernetes visibility, and discusses how to tackle DDoS attacks and spoof traffic with Kentik Protect. Plus, don't miss our "new to you" segment, revealing lesser-known but powerful features of Kentik.

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