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Why choose Kentik over Catchpoint?


Kevin Woods describes how, with Kentik, you get synthetics and network traffic analytics together. The full picture with one tool.

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Three reasons customers love Kentik for network observability

So simple!

See the big picture in one place. Configure your own dashboards or use ours. We sort out the relationships between addresses, locations, devices, traffic, applications, names, and providers. We recommend the best tests and you simply click “go.”

See everything

Test results, device metrics, traffic flow data, threat levels, cost, and capacity projections — we bring everything together for you. Whether your network is on-prem, in the cloud, in your data center, between your sites or at your service provider, we unify the view.

Sensible pricing

Packaging tuned to meet your needs. Pay for what you use. Get lots of stuff included: SaaS application monitor, BGP Route Viewer, cloud regions, and DNS tests. Synthetic test credits are included at no additional charge and additional credits are available at low rates. See the details.

Why choose Kentik over Catchpoint?

Autonomous, scenario-based testing
Tests updated automatically (e.g., IP address change)
Tests metrics with correlated traffic analytics
Troubleshooting workflows
BGP vantage points for speed and accuracy
Preset tests included with the platform
SaaS apps, cloud regions, BGP Route Viewer, and DNS performance
Continuous testing for latency-sensitive applications
To the secondTo the minute
High-density bi-directional mesh tests
Published pricing. Millions of test credits included.
Yes, see pricing
Analyst Report
EMA Radar Report: Network Performance Management
NFD 26: Synthetic monitoring made autonomous and continuous
Case Study
Major League Baseball Makes a Run at Network Visibility with Kentik
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