Kentik - Network Flow Analytics

Kentik Synthetic Monitoring

Unified Synthetic Testing and Real-time Network Traffic Insights

Monitor — frequently and autonomously — essential infrastructure, applications and services including:

  • SaaS solutions
  • Applications hosted in the public cloud
  • Internal applications
  • Transit and peer networks
  • Content delivery networks
  • Streaming video, social, gaming, and other content providers
  • Site-to-site performance across traditional WAN and SD-WANs
  • Service provider connectivity and customer SLAs
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Autonomous Testing

Powered by AutoTestTM, Kentik Synthetic Monitoring autonomously recommends what to monitor based on your actual infrastructure and traffic.


  • Identify and configure test locations that follow your actual traffic
  • Dynamically adjust test configuration to follow traffic changes
  • Intelligently test smart objects in a single operation — Networks (ASNs), Site Matrices, Geographies, CDNs

Fully Integrated Network Traffic and Synthetic Analytics

Unique synthetic monitoring solution that incorporates real network traffic.


  • Know where your traffic is going and what you should be testing
  • Monitor performance with real-time visibility into actual network usage and state
  • Complete network context of entire hybrid network paths through private and public infrastructures
  • Single platform for network traffic and synthetic performance

Intelligent Alerting and Diagnostics

Only solution that reduces alert fatigue while also providing high-definition insights with network context.


  • Instantly actionable insights with full network context
  • Eliminates the the intrinsic “noise” of synthetic test results
  • Test data enriched and correlated with device health and interface utilization

Simple and Affordable Pricing

Monitor everything that matters — frequently and autonomously — for less cost.


  • Spend less time determining how much a test will cost, tracking used credits, or worrying about exceeding your budget
  • Kentik platform editions include monthly test credits
  • Additional credits are available through the purchase of a SyntheticPak

Kentik Synthetic Monitoring Beats the Competition!

Autonomous Testing
Test based on actual, monitored traffic scenarios
Intelligent Diagnostics and Alerting
Tests are enriched and correlated with device health and interface utilization
Agents in Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud
Combined Traffic and Synthetics-based Performance Views
Default Test Interval Down to 1 Minute
YesCost Prohibitive
Affordable, test everythingCompromises needed to reduce costs
One Year Data Retention
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