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Kentik Presents at Networking Field Day 31

On April 12, 2023, Kentik presented at Networking Field Day 31. Check out the videos.

Network observability across the enterprise

Presented by Justin Ryburn, VP of Global Solutions Engineering
Justin Ryburn describes the complexities of managing a modern enterprise network and the various areas where Kentik can provide observability. Having all of this information in a single platform that is easy to access and highly scalable provides a lot of value to Kentik customers. Justin wraps up with a discussion of Kentik’s roadmap for the future.

Data-driven network observability

Presented by Phil Gervasi, Director of Technical Evangelism
The network may be the last thing most people think about, but it’s one of the most crucial components of application delivery. Here we discuss the importance of a data-driven approach to network observability. We unpack how Kentik’s approach to machine learning, big data, and a unified data repository can help network operations solve problems faster to ensure a reliable network with great application performance.

Is your cloud provider executing network maintenance? Yes, yes they are.

Presented by Ted Turner, Solutions Cloud Architect
What happens to your apps when your cloud provider performs network maintenance? Kentik helps you monitor your app’s network paths and performance on premises, in the cloud, and in between. Kentik can show you the paths your app uses during normal operations and detect any changes that could cause decreased application performance. Public cloud maintenance is necessary, and with Kentik’s network observability platform, you can see exactly when your cloud provider is doing it and how it’s affecting your application traffic.

network observability

Presented by Justin Ryburn, VP of Global Solutions Engineering
Justin Ryburn describes the complexities of managing the network in a modern Kubernetes deployment and how Kentik can provide observability. Leveraging eBPF technology allows network engineers the ability to visualize and make sense of the network traffic within the Kubernetes cluster, as well as traffic entering and leaving the cluster. Justin wraps up with a brief demo of Kentik’s beta Kentik Kube functionality.

Get network observability from Kentik.

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