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  • Get immediate visibility into your entire network, including devices, edge, cloud, and data center, and issues that impact user productivity.
  • Autonomously generate synthetic tests based on real-world traffic conditions.
  • Get instant alerts and notifications when traffic patterns indicate potential security threats or performance anomalies.
  • Quickly identify, isolate and resolve network failures or bottlenecks.
  • Improve network ROI: eliminate unnecessary spend and accurately allocate cloud and network costs to teams, departments, or customers.

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The Network Intelligence Platform for Visibility, Performance and Security

Kentik is the network intelligence platform for the connected world, trusted by leading digital enterprises and service providers. With Kentik, businesses eliminate the visibility and intelligence gaps associated with running dynamic and complex networks, and achieve greater network performance, reliability and security.

The Kentik Network Intelligence Platform ingests diverse data streams from the internet, edge, cloud, data center and hybrid infrastructures and provides real-time visualizations and AIOps-powered insights and automation.

Why Kentik?

Your Actual Traffic

Kentik captures full-resolution network data—flow records (NetFlow, sFlow, IPFIX, VPC Flow Logs, etc.), streaming telemetry, SNMP, performance metrics and BGP—across all traditional and cloud-based network infrastructures.

Correlation & Context

Kentik correlates network data with application and business data so every network event or analysis can be tied to what matters—revenue & costs, customer & user experience, performance & risk.

Real-time & Historical

Kentik’s highly-distributed architecture supports real-time and forensic use cases. See current conditions from all angles, get instant answers to ad hoc queries, and drill down to identify root causes in seconds, across months of full-detail network traffic data.

Every Network

Kentik has you covered whether it’s traditional infrastructure like routed backbone, network edge, LAN/WAN and data center, public cloud networks, or a hybrid network in between. See and manage the traffic across your entire infrastructure in a single view.

Open & Easy

Public SaaS or private, on-premises delivery with open APIs means no hardware, no development, no maintenance, and seamless integration with your favorite services and tools. Be up and running in 15 minutes.

Insights & Action

Kentik combines pervasive visibility with machine learning baselining to deliver real-time anomaly detection and immediate insights into the performance, security, capacity, and configuration of your network.

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