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“Kentik saved us time and gave us full confidence that we’d be aware of and able to respond to any cloud or on-prem network issues on a timely basis.”

–Louis Bolanos, Staff Cloud Network Engineer

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Understand every cloud, every network, every container

Hybrid Cloud Observability

  • Answer any question about the networks you own, and the networks you don’t.
  • Understand traffic, connectivity, and performance from data center to cloud to container.
  • Ensure successful cloud migrations, troubleshoot efficiently, and optimize customer experiences.

Kentik is a leader in the GigaOm Radar for Network Observability

“Kentik is easy to use and delivers very good visualization, planning tools, and security observability ... Kentik provides advanced insights with autodetection of anomalies and emerging issues.”

— Andrew Green, GigaOm Analyst

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