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Kentik Presents at Tech Field Day 27

On March 9, 2023, Kentik presented at Tech Field Day 27. Check out the videos.

What’s New at Kentik
in 2023

Presented by Avi Freedman, Co-founder and CEO
Avi Freedman talks about the newest product developments, including Kentik’s approach to what we call network observability, and how we collect network telemetry data. He also shares what is (and isn’t) on Kentik’s roadmap.

Using Synthetic Testing for Better Network Observability

Presented by Mike Krygeris, Enterprise Solutions Architect
Mike Krygeris discusses using synthetic testing to maximize network performance and minimize downtime in today’s complex cloud, hybrid, and private on-prem networks. Learn how synthetic testing can help increase observability in all types of networks and web applications.

Solving Faster in the Cloud:
Hybrid Infrastructure Observability
with Kentik

Presented by Rosalind Whitley, Director of Product Marketing
How can you quickly discover misconfigured security groups, access control lists, or routing tables? We explore how practitioners serving distributed teams or customer workloads can tighten up policies, impact costs, and unblock their colleagues with cloud infrastructure observability that starts with the network.

See How Kubernetes Traffic Routes Through Data Center, Cloud, and Internet
with Kentik Kube

Presented by Kareena Hirani, Product Manager, Cloud and Kubernetes
Using Kentik Kube, cloud and infrastructure engineers can access detailed network traffic and performance visibility for internal and external traffic for their Kubernetes clusters to quickly detect and solve network problems.

Get network observability from Kentik.

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