Kentik - Network Observability

Networking Field Day 29

On September 9, Kentik presented at Networking Field Day 29. Check out the video recaps.

See what’s new
at Kentik

Presented by Justin Ryburn, VP of Global Solutions Engineering
See what’s new with network observability. Justin Ryburn shows how Kentik is building a platform to provide visibility into the growing complexity of enterprise networks and gives an overview of the Kentik roadmap.

Network observability:
The evolution of network visibility with Kentik

Presented by Phil Gervasi, Head of Tech Evangelism
Phil Gervasi discusses how today’s complex environment of cloud-hosted applications, containerized services, and overlay networks requires a network-centric approach to observability.

Observability across the enterprise

Presented by Justin Ryburn, VP of Global Solutions Engineering
Justin describes the complexities of managing a modern enterprise network and shows how Kentik provides observability across the data center, cloud, SD-WAN, and the internet.

It's always the network

Presented by Brian Davenport, Solutions Engineer
Brian Davenport shows that with flow data, enrichment, Kentik Synthetics, and innovation by network vendors, network engineers can gain macro visibility of network activity.

Get network observability from Kentik.

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