Kentik - Network Observability

Cloud Field Day 15

On September 21, Kentik presented at Cloud Field Day 15. Check out the video recaps.

Kentik company overview

Presented by Ted Turner, Cloud Solutions Architect
Kentik provides powerful cloud visibility by using a system of agents to forward data such as AWS, Azure, GCP, and IBM logs into our SaaS platform. With these VPC Flow logs, Describe API, NSG Flow logs, and MS Graph APIs, we give you a view of your network traffic in the cloud, over the public internet, and on premises.

Kentik in the cloud: Review of AWS and Azure

Presented by Ted Turner, Cloud Solutions Architect
In this video, we discuss some of the concepts and problems surrounding cloud visibility. We show how we can provide visibility into how we connect to public cloud resources such as AWS and Azure by using Kentik Maps, the Kentik Data Explorer, and the Kentik ingest pipeline.

Using Kentik to uncover hidden costs
in the public cloud

Presented by Mike Krygeris, Solutions Engineer
Kentik handles enriching data to give much-needed context to network flow data. We do this at scale, in near-real-time, for all networks — AWS, Azure, GCP, or private cloud. Mike discusses recent examples of how Kentik helped identify traffic that was costing customers massive amounts of money without providing any value.

Kentik brings network observability
to public clouds

Presented by Jim Muggli, Solutions Engineer
Kentik makes sense of the mountain of telemetry available from your public cloud infrastructure. Flow logs are combined with metadata from your compute, gateways, security policy, routing, private interconnects, cloud services, and network and web application performance metrics to provide fast answers and proactive alerts to better plan, run, and fix your AWS, Azure, and GCP infrastructure.

Get network observability from Kentik.

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