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Supporting Higher Education Institutions with the Delivery of Online Instruction

COVID-19 is forcing fundamental changes to the way institutions of higher education deliver content and services. With online instruction now front and center, network availability and performance are more mission-critical than ever.

To ensure that online instruction is efficient, effective and a great experience, Kentik—provider of the world’s most powerful network analytics and monitoring platform, and used in educational, service provider, SaaS, gaming, content, and enterprise networks—is offering qualified higher education institutions, those with a .edu email address or an approved REN, complimentary access to our network analytics service, in a limited fashion for six months, with no subscription fees.

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Offer Details

This offer is for a complimentary six-month subscription to Kentik’s SaaS offering. Registration for the offer must be completed by May 31, 2020 and complimentary services are limited to six months from the date of signup. A valid .edu email address is required.

The offer includes:

  • Flow collection from six physical devices (e.g., routers) at up to 1,000 FPS each
  • Flow logs from cloud providers (AWS, GCP, and Azure) at up to 2,000 FPS each
  • 30-day data retention

Service and Support

Support services are available from Kentik at, through the Kentik Users Slack channel, and through regular office hours conducted over Zoom. Detailed technical information is also available on the Kentik Knowledge Base.

In addition, Kentik is proud to collaborate with Internet2. Internet2 will provide training and office hours for Kentik onboarding, Kentik usage, and general and remote work-supporting topics in network planning, operations, debugging, and scaling.


What is the Kentik service?

Kentik is the world’s most powerful network analytics and monitoring platform. As a massively scalable datastore in an easy-to-onboard SaaS, Kentik correlates scores of key data points about your network traffic flows from both data centers and cloud providers and delivers actionable real-time insights into current status and trends. Our intuitive portal provides ready-made views of current activity, workflows targeted for common use cases, and power tools that let you drill down into every detail of your network traffic. Kentik gives you the comprehensive picture you need — both real-time and historical — to answer key operational questions in areas including network performance, system utilization and capacity, DDoS attacks, and traffic routing, as well as providing business intelligence such as peering opportunities and potential cost savings.

Who is eligible for Kentik’s Online Instruction Support offer?

Working in collaboration with Internet2, Kentik is making the Online Instruction Support offer available to the following communities:

  • Institutes of higher education: degree-granting programs with a valid .edu email address, including four-year colleges, universities, and community colleges
  • Research and education networks: state and regional networks that exist to support the above institutions

This offer is not available to current Kentik customers.

Note: Future expansion of this offer to K-12 school districts and libraries is under consideration.

What’s included with Kentik’s Online Instruction Support offer?

This offer includes the following:

  • Access to all workflows in the Operate, Edge, Protect, and Service Provider sections of the Kentik portal
  • Ingest into the Kentik Data Engine (KDE) from the following data sources:
    • Flow records from up to six BGP-speaking network devices (e.g. routers) sending up to 1,000 flows-per-second (FPS) each
    • Flow logs from cloud providers (AWS, GCP, and Azure) sending up to 2,000 FPS each
  • 30-day data retention (maximum lookback for historical queries)
  • Up to 50 API queries per hour
What is the duration of the Online Instruction Support offer?

The complimentary trial subscription to Kentik services runs for six months from the date of registration. Registration must be complete by May 31, 2020.

When will I be able to start using Kentik?

Access to Kentik starts immediately upon successful registration, which includes onboarding at least one data source (network device or cloud provider). If you need help with onboarding, please reach out to us at

Within a day or two of sign-up, your primary points of contact (relationship managers) will reach out to you by email to introduce themselves and offer any additional help needed to get you up to speed.

Note: We don’t currently anticipate the need for a queueing system, but if demand for this offer requires us to establish a queue we will announce details at that time.

How many users in my organization will be able to use Kentik?

Kentik supports unlimited users per customer.

What happens when the complimentary trial period expires?

Upon expiration of your complimentary trial period you may, at your option, subscribe to the Kentik service at our educational rate. If you’re interested we’ll work with you to structure a package that meets your needs.

How do I send data to Kentik?

Kentik stores your network data in the massively scalable Kentik Data Engine (KDE) data store. Data from your devices (flow data, BGP, SNMP, etc.) and clouds (flow logs) is correlated along with other relevant information (e.g., GeoIP, DNS, threat feeds, etc.) into timestamped flow records. Data may come to KDE from any of the following sources:

  • Direct: From routers or switches directly to KDE.
  • Host agent: From hosts that are monitored using kprobe, Kentik’s software host agent.
  • Proxy agent: From routers or switches via a locally hosted instance of kproxy, Kentik’s proxy agent, which can be configured to collect and encrypt both flow and SNMP.
  • Cloud provider: From the cloud platform’s flow log collector (method varies depending on provider).

Regardless of the source, the onboarding process involves a few settings in Kentik as well as configuration of the source itself to send the data. The Kentik portal includes wizards that will guide you through each step, and Kentik support is available to provide any needed assistance.

How long does it take to set up Kentik?

Initial registration and setup of a single data source should take less than 30 minutes. Additional data sources can then be registered in a few minutes each.

What should I do if I need help with set up, or other support?

Educational institutions that join Kentik via the Online Instruction Support offer receive the same excellent support as our other customers:

  • Our primary support mechanism is via
  • We maintain a dedicated Kentik Users Slack channel.
  • Our customer support team will be holding weekly “office hours” via Zoom where you’ll be able to ask questions about Kentik setup and usage.
Will training be available to teach me how to use Kentik?

Yes. A series of training webinars for Online Instruction Support customers will be hosted by Kentik in partnership with Internet2. We will announce the dates in advance.

Which Kentik integrations are available with this offer?

Kentik is designed to work with a wide variety of external systems in key areas such as authentication and DDoS mitigation. These integrations, which are available to Online Instruction Support customers, can be found in the categorized list in the Integrations section of the portal, where you’ll find explanatory information about each integration and how to set it up.

Available integrations currently fall into the following categories:

  • SSO platforms
  • Operations
  • DDoS mitigation
  • Notification channels
  • Custom
Where can I obtain security and compliance information about the Kentik Platform?

Kentik takes extremely seriously the security of the data collected for, sent to, and ingested by our data platform. Information regarding security, compliance and certification, data protection and segregation, access and identity management, and privacy questions is available in the Kentik Knowledge Base.

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