Kentik - Network Observability

Is it time to switch from SolarWinds?

Watch a demo and get a solar, waterproof lantern with a 6000mAh power bank.



Modern network teams need modern tools

  • Full SaaS deployment with unified network observability and monitoring in a single portal — including streaming telemetry
  • Remove the hidden costs of polling, capacity, and bloated bundles of outdated features
  • Stay audit-ready and remove NPM vulnerabilities

Kentik is the SolarWinds alternative

One portal: observability + monitoring
Streaming telemetry
AI-assisted investigations
GPT-4 Turbo
Full SaaS deployment
Automated BGP enrichment
Synthetic testing

We are switching to Kentik NMS to support our many network devices. The nice, simple dashboard provides all the NMS metrics we need for troubleshooting. Kentik NMS’ extensibility makes it easy to integrate to our internal tools through APIs.

Yang Gao, Voice, Data, and Network Security Team Lead
Monash Health

Why customers choose Kentik NMS over SolarWinds NPM

Total cost of ownership

SolarWinds NPM is packaged into complex modules and bundles that force you to pay for modules you didn’t want in the first place — polling engines, alone, often cost 5-10X more than SolarWinds software licensing.

Kentik NMS is a true SaaS deployment, removing the need for costly infrastructure, maintenance, and disjointed analysis.

Easy and for everyone

Kentik’s core platform is designed and developed for decision making and support analysis for your biggest challenges — unlike SolarWinds which siloes critical portals, data, and people while also requiring deep technical expertise to use it.

Kentik NMS makes getting answers easy, allowing anyone to ask any question about the network, powered by natural language and GenAI.

Unify your telemetry with Kentik Network Monitoring System

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