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December 2018

2018 was a year of enormous progress for Kentik Detect. We added or extended a huge range of product capabilities while also making it easier than ever for users to discover and use all of the features we’ve built to make their workdays easier and more productive. As the year drew to a close we kept pushing right to the end, refining and improving existing functionality while also throwing in a few holiday treats, described below, to further enhance the user experience. Happy New Year! Increased Alert Policy Scaling Alerting is one of the core features of Kentik Detect, and we’ve now made it even more useful to customers who operate very large scale networks: The maximum number of active…

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October / November 2018

It’s been a busy and fruitful season for our product team, with final launch of many new features that required sophisticated design and heavy lifting. This issue’s theme? Visibility for the Cloud! We...

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September 2018

As fall begins, we’re happy to report a rich harvest of product improvements from Kentik. One focus in September was on enhancing customer control with more granularity and more flexible options. Anot...

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July / August 2018

The product team here at Kentik is keeping up our relentless pace of improvements, with an emphasis on bringing our customers more solutions with business impact. Here’s a look at what we were able to...

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May / June 2018

It’s been a busy time around here, so we’re just catching up with product update announcements for the last couple of months. Several of the enhancements we’ll look at this time around are foundationa...

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Older Updates

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