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For service providers, subscriber satisfaction depends on maximizing performance and minimizing interruptions. To do that you need 24/7, up-to-the-moment understanding of what’s happening on your infrastructure. Existing visibility tools, with their built-in bottlenecks and siloed views, can’t meet that need. The Kentik team, drawing on decades of first-hand experience in network operations, has reinvented visibility from the ground up. Fast, efficient, unified, and easy to use, Kentik Detect gives service providers live actionable visibility at Terabit scale.

Actionable visibility

Understanding starts with visibility. Kentik Detect ingests multiple types of network data (NetFlow, SNMP, BGP) at scale, fuses it into a unified datastore, and makes it available within moments. You can zoom out for a big-picture view of traffic transiting your network, check what’s crossing each of your peering points, and drill down on the details of a specific interface or individual host. Plus we retain the unsummarized details of every collected flow for months, so you don’t have to guess in advance what you’ll need to look at later.

How does Kentik provide visibility into performance? See our Visibility and Performance page.

Detection and alerting

Kentik Detect’s near-instant ingest of network data means that you’ll know right away when something’s not quite right. Our alerting system lets you define the situations that you want to hear about ASAP. We continuously monitor incoming flow to detect conditions, such as DDoS attacks, that meet the criteria you’ve specified, and we notify you immediately via email, syslog, and/or URL. Our ready-made alerting templates address common anomalous behaviors, and they’re easily customizable for your network profile. With Kentik’s alerting, you’ll always be in the know about your network.

See more details on the power of this feature in our screencast on Kentik Detect Alerting.

Planning and Engineering

Effective planning starts with clear insight into traffic patterns and metrics such as throughput, capacity, retransmits, and routing. Kentik Detect’s query-driven visualization tools don’t just illustrate existing transit and peering relationships, they also help you see additional connections from which your network could benefit. Designed for data-oriented decision making, Kentik Detect reveals the flow of traffic across your network, informing your choices as you optimize utilization and costs.

Learn how Kentik Detect can help you plan peering in this Analytics Overview from our Knowledge Base.

Open integration

With Kentik Detect, your network data is captured, but not captive. Unlike closed, appliance-based systems, Kentik is designed for open access and painless integration. Network data in our system can be queried from any PostgreSQL client, and it can be integrated with external systems via REST APIs. Direct your data to a common monitoring platform or a customer portal. Take advantage of external systems that handle complementary functions such as DDoS mitigation and traffic analytics. Kentik Detect helps you optimize your business by putting your network data to work.

How does Kentik’s help you access your network data? See the Kentik Integration page.

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