Kentik - Network Observability

Service Provider

The world’s most important networks rely on Kentik.


Use Cases for Service Provider

Manage Network Performance

Manage subscriber experience and ensure availability and performance across your network, edge, and backbone. Auto-configure performance tests based on actual traffic and test continuously so you don’t miss a thing. Investigate only what matters. Now that’s efficient.

Manage Network Performance screenshot

Troubleshoot Issues

When the world relies on your network, every glitch matters and seconds count. Start with unprompted, AI-driven insights or simply by asking questions. Drill into network issues interactively to understand their root cause. When you’re in the heat of the moment like an outage, finding answers quickly is everything.

Troubleshoot Issues screenshot

Improve Peering & Interconnection

Optimize performance and cost by managing interconnections. Discover the most appropriate origin or destination networks to interconnect with based on your traffic flows, connectivity mix, paths, and dynamics. Get information about peers on any internet exchange or colocation. See the customers of networks in your markets.

Improve Peering & Interconnection screenshot

Neutralize DDoS Attacks

Automatically protect your network from DDoS attacks. Fine-tune rules to catch early signs of traffic spikes or anomalous behavior. Use your own infrastructure to mitigate attacks via RTBH/Flowspec or integrate with threat mitigation providers like Cloudfare, Radware, and A10.

Neutralize DDoS Attacks screenshot

Analyze Subscribers

Analyze subscribers, see traffic trends, and track your digital supply chain. Manage service quality across subscriber segments. Benchmark CDNs to optimize performance and cost. View granular consumption patterns by OTT service or market segment to uncover new revenue opportunities.

Analyze Subscribers screenshot

Plan Capacity

Anticipate capacity needs for your service. Research your network trends and automate capacity planning based on your traffic, contributors, growth forecasts, interface capacity, and runout dates.

Plan Capacity screenshot
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