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Why You Need Kentik Big Data-Powered DDoS Protection

The DDoS threat keeps growing, but traditional DDoS protection has fallen behind. Watch this 2 minute video and learn why you need Kentik big data-powered DDoS protection.

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The Case for Big Data-Powered DDoS Protection

Once an occasional annoyance, DDoS attacks have metastasized into an existential threat for every Internet-centric organization. Unfortunately traditional DDoS protection hasn’t kept up. It’s time to move beyond first generation answers and embrace cloud-scale, big data enabled solutions.

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Forrester Names Kentik a Breakout Vendor for Virtual Network Infrastructure

Read about Forrester’s take on how digital business drives the need for Virtual Network Infrastructure and why they chose Kentik as a breakout vendor.

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IDC Innovators: Cloud-Managed Network Monitoring

Kentik was chosen as an IDC Innovator due to its offer of a SaaS-based product that allows users to collect, visualize, and analyze network traffic and performance. It is a cloud-based network visibility and analytics solution that provides a panoramic view of any network. It monitors service delivery, detects DDoS attacks, optimizes internet peering, and unleashes innovation with unbounded ad hoc traffic analysis at scale.

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PacketPushers Podcast on Kentik NPM and DDoS Protection

Avi Freedman joins Ethan Banks and Greg Ferro on a new Packet Pushers podcast to explain new capabilities in the Kentik platform, including network performance monitoring for the cloud, as well as DDoS and anomaly detection.

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Beam me up, Avi: Kentik CEO thinks we might need the Federation to block DDoS

Longtime networking and industry expert Avi Freedman thinks that blocking the anticipatable monster DDoS attacks to come probably requires innovative business and commercial structures, not just technology. Read this fascinating take on the future of DDoS protection in the face of unimaginably large attacks.

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Webinar: Big Data DDoS Protection

If you haven’t been following cyber-security news recently, the DDoS arms race has just escalated in a fairly significant fashion. If your business depends on internet traffic, you should be concerned about how to properly defend yourself. Join Alex Henthorn-Iwane, VP of Marketing at Kentik, as he presents how you can improve your DDoS detection by 30% over traditional appliance-based solutions.

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Network Traffic Visibility and Anomaly Detection

Kentik CTO Dan Ellis’ presentation from the 2016 Boston @Scale conference.

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PenTeleData Keeps DDoS at Bay with Kentik Detect

PenTeleData, a leading provider of voice, video, data and Internet services with more than sixty points of presence in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, turned to Kentik to increase the accuracy and effectiveness of its DDoS protection. Read the case study to find out why and how.

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Kentik Detect for DDoS Protection

Today’s digital business depends on network security and availability. But Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are growing in number, volume and sophistication, and traditional DDoS protection strategies are stretched past their breaking point. Kentik Detect provides a powerful, intelligent Internet-scale solution for highly accurate DDoS detection and automated attack mitigation. The era of big data DDoS protection has arrived.

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