Kentik - Network Flow Analytics


K/Advise turns network traffic data into actionable intelligence. Customizable dashboards show you what’s happening right now. Sophisticated anomaly detection and alerting keep you in the know as conditions change. Real-time exploration returns results in seconds. No more guessing at critical details or waiting hours for answers. Across your organization, the Kentik delivers the insights you need to operate, optimize, and protect today’s digital business.

Tailored Views for Every User

You know best what you need. Kentik gives you custom control over how your data is enriched, and how it is presented. Custom labels, tags, and groups let you tailor the dataset to your specific situation, and a broad range of templates enables easy creation of custom views. Dive deep into the details, or step back for the big picture. Either way, we help you cut through the clutter and focus on what matters.

Flexible Dashboards for Monitoring

Dashboards provide at-a-glance feedback on current network conditions. Kentik goes way beyond just a few stock graphs. Instead, we let you choose what’s monitored, how it’s presented, and how multiple indicators combine to give you context. Tailor a template to your workflow or save a Data Explorer view to a dashboard panel. With Kentik dashboards, you’ll see every aspect of your network traffic.

Powerful Data Exploration

Fast, powerful, and comprehensive, the Data Explorer is ideal for troubleshooting, forensics, and questions that demand an immediate answer. Query dozens of network traffic dimensions, using nearly unlimited filters. Generate advanced visualizations, paired with detailed tables, from billions of unsummarized data records. With unprecedented speed and flexibility, Kentik’s Data Explorer instantly provides the network insights you need.

Vigilant Detection and Alerting

Ideally, everything is running smoothly. But in reality, it won’t always be, and Kentik keeps you directly in the know about any current alerts or advisories that have been detected with the K/ML subsystem. For each, a simple click reveals a detailed view of the triggering data pattern, as well as any automated corrective or mitigative actions that have been invoked.

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