Kentik - Network Flow Analytics

API and Integrations

Kentik Detect® is designed to play nice with other platforms. REST APIs enable Kentik-stored data to be queried securely and seamlessly from external systems for operations, BI, or research. NOC dashboards and customer portals can be enhanced with Kentik-sourced network traffic data. And third-party mitigation systems can be triggered instantly from our advanced anomaly detection engine. Across your business, Kentik Detect unlocks the value of network data.

APIs at the Core

Built with an “API first” philosophy, Kentik Detect ensures that your data is always easy to access. Our Query API lets you generate nearly a dozen types of visualizations and tables, with results returned as images, data, or URLs. You can even copy example code for any query right from the portal. There’s also an extensive set of Admin APIs that automate setup tasks like registering devices, managing users, and specifying tags and custom dimensions.

Captured, Not Captive

With so many aspects of today’s business relying on networks, network data is critical for operational and business optimization. But you can’t learn much from data that’s trapped in closed, proprietary appliance-based systems. Kentik Detect is built for open access and painless integration, so you can take full advantage of all the insights your data can reveal.

Beyond the Box

With access to Kentik Detect’s full range of dimensions, filtering, and tags, our powerful Query API lets you add network traffic intelligence to all kinds of external systems and processes. Kentik-sourced indicators can be added to a NOC dashboard to provide a unified, multi-level view that’s richer and more informative. And query results can be imported into different analytics environments for correlation with other datasets.

Alert and Protect

Defend your network by responding at the earliest sign of attack. Our sophisticated anomaly detection system continually scans for trouble, and it integrates with DDoS mitigation from top vendors including A10 and Radware. Kentik Detect can automatically trigger mitigations, send notifications to tools like Slack or PagerDuty, and make webhook calls to user-specified endpoints.

Customer-level Visibility

Kentik Detect’s API-friendly architecture sets the stage for customer-level visibility-as-a-service. Service provider portals can show detailed information about network utilization and status, including where traffic is coming from and whether there’s been a DDoS attack. Providing a valuable competitive advantage, customer-level visibility can build loyalty and enhance revenue.

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