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October 2021 - Welcome to your new Library!

We just released a complete overhaul of your Library module. We hope you will like it as much as we loved building it! With this iteration, we’re taking the efficiency of accessing, categorizing and maintaining users’ dashboards and saved views to a whole new level.

What’s new?

We know that many of our users are fond of Kentik’s dashboarding capabilities. A quick survey of our user population shows that some users save as many as 500 dashboards or views. Taking this to heart, we’ve redesigned and optimized the Library. Here’s a summary of the great new things we’ve done.

Shortcuts, shortcuts, shortcuts

First, we wanted to make sure the Library is easier to access. For that, we have added keyboard shortcuts to quickly summon the Library from anywhere in the portal.

Try SHIFT+? to see a list of available shortcuts. There you’ll see you can bring up the Library by simply hitting SHIFT+L.

User set categories

A top request from users is to be able to create and manage categories in the Library. Now you can create a category on the spot! To do this, click on the top right Add Category icon on the Categorized Views screen.

You can also now rename categories using the triple-dot icon to the right of categories:

Content can be moved between categories by using drag-and-drop. You can auto-open categories using drag-hover, scrolling up and down when dragging a category above and below the fold.

Content that hasn’t been placed in a category will sit in the Uncategorized Views section of the main Library screen, waiting for you to find a new category home for them.

If shortcuts are your thing, we even added a very useful shortcut. When SHIFT-clicking on a category’s expand or collapse arrow, you will now be able to expand or collapse all categories in the Library screen.

Be more productive

Further study of some of our sample users’ portal behavior shows that workflows often gravitate around frequently eyeballing a discrete set of dashboards and saved views, so we’ve made improvements to help.

Favorites and recently viewed panes

The right side of the Library screen is now dedicated to two always-on Favorites and Recently Viewed panes.

You can favorite (or un-favorite via the star icon toggles) any dashboard or saved view from anywhere in Kentik Portal, whether from the Library or in the central content section. You can also favorite in the always-on panels and directly from dashboards and saved views.

In the Library
Directly from a dashboard

Beyond that, you can also favorite Kentik Presets content from the second tab of the Library screen!

As you visualize more dashboards and saved views, your recently viewed items will stack up in the namesake Library panel.

Quicker access to Guided Mode dashboards

Guided Mode dashboards are a long-time favorite, and you can now directly input the pivot value from the Library screen.

The Guided Mode input will also be available directly from within both the Favorites and Recently Viewed panels.

Contextual actions galore

A handful of actions can now be taken directly from the Library entry of dashboards and saved views. These will reduce the number of clicks needed to visualize, and allow you to immediately select the necessary action:

If you are a My Kentik portal tenant, you can now directly export and add saved views to dashboards, clone, create subscriptions and even view directly. You too are one click away from the Library screen!

Give your new Library a test drive

This short post will hopefully give you a good sense of how much love and effort we put into helping you increase your productivity in using Kentik. There is a lot more to the new Library, too, so make sure to give it a spin and let us know what you think!

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