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November 2016

Tags feature update

Tagging now supports regex for device names and interface fields, and supports IPv6.
As a reminder, a comprehensive table references all types of inputs for all of the available Tag Fields, it is located here.

For instance, if your interfaces always include consistent descriptions, you could potentially match said interface descriptions on either ‘PNI’ or ‘Peer’ or ‘customer’ and tag all the matches as ‘Peering’ to then be able to filter them in or out of any Data Explorer query.

Prettified JSON output to describe API calls

You can now see the API calls in Data Explorer as prettified JSON, making it much easier for your users to identify the fields at play in your API calls.

The idea here is to further simplify the task of integrating with the Kentik API under the following methodology:

  1. Building a satisfactory View, tweaking it until it shows exactly what you are after
  2. Exploring the resulting JSON
  3. Building an integration

To describe the underlying API call of a given view, proceed as illustrated below – starts with clicking the Hamburger Menu icon on the top-right side of a view

44-PM.png 04-PM.png 42-PM.png

Peering Analytics IPv6

Peering analytics now supports IPv6 as well as showing the full path on mouseover.

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