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June 2020

Kentik continues to address the pressing need for network analytics, intelligence, and actionable information for network teams. The complexity and speed of modern digital infrastructure require advanced network monitoring solutions that can assist network teams to meet their performance, reliability, and security goals.

Here is the product update regarding features and enhancements that we released in June 2020. Let’s dig in.


As organizations transform digitally, network teams are at the forefront. Amid traffic bursts, growth of internal and external dependencies, and dynamic infrastructures, network operations teams have the daunting task of keeping application traffic out of trouble and users happy.

Critical to the mission is ensuring a fantastic digital experience which demands proactive management and ever-lower mean time to resolution (MTTR), no matter where the problem lies: data center, WAN, edge, cloud, or on the internet. Although monitoring and alerting on anomalies is how operations teams become aware of issues, simple threshold alarms can create too many alarms to track down and false positives due to known legitimate causes. Leveraging network intelligence when detecting anomalies and identifying root-causes leads to fewer alarms, reducing alarm-fatigue, while also improving overall troubleshooting efficiency.

Kentik has released new Insights features that provide network operators with additional auto-detection capabilities, more context on detected issues, and identification of the potential root-cause. With these new capabilities, Kentik enables NetOps to improve alarm handling, reduce MTTR, and deliver more reliable networks.

Insights Details Enhancements

The Details view of Insights events has been improved with additional contextual information allowing users to better assess issues and immediately take actions.

The following details are added to the issue event:

  • From Policy, link to the Alert Policy editor for Custom Insights
  • From Family, link to filter the Insights and Alerting results
  • How Often? provides mini graphs of how often the Key, Insight, and Insight type is happening.
  • Take Action suggests next steps to further explore and triage issues

See the screenshot below of an event page with new Insights Details enhancement features.

DDoS - Non-reflective DNS Flood

Flagging/Upvoting Insights Gives 5-year Retention

Another enhancement to event handling is the possibility to increase the retention of insights events. Users can now Flag or Upvote an insight to increase the retention of both Kentik Insights or Custom Insights to five years.

Normal retention:

  • Retention for Custom Insights (alarms): 90 days
  • Retention for Kentik Capacity Insights: 5 years
  • Retention for Kentik Insights (that are not Capacity Insights): 28 days

Note: Insights only stores the details and metadata of the insight, not the underlying data.

Simple Traffic Profile

Going forward, Insights will use the Simple Traffic Profile (as a way to distinguish the different traffic profiles via filtering) in Comparison Insights.

Traffic Profiles

The Simple Traffic Profile comprises:

  • Inbound: Traffic that originates outside your network and terminates inside your network
  • Outbound: Traffic that originates inside your network and terminates outside your network
  • Internal: Traffic that both originates and terminates inside your network
  • Through: Traffic that both originates and terminates outside your network
  • Other: Traffic that is not classified by the above profiles

For more information regarding product updates, please contact our Customer Success team.

To see all of the new capabilities in action, you can request a personalized demonstration, or sign up for a 30-day free trial.

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