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January 2022 - Capacity Planning

The Capacity Planning workflow saw significant changes recently. You’ll find a completely refreshed user-interface with many new features to enhance your productivity.

You can read more about the changes in the blog post Network capacity planning made easy in 2022.

General UI overhaul

The Capacity Planning UI has been significantly improved.

  • Each tracked capacity plan is shown in card format and displays an at-a-glance status. The colored status bar at the top of each card is a visual measure of the severity of the plan based on the status of each interface and its contribution to the overall capacity.
  • You’ll find noise filters that allow you to disable unnecessary information on healthy capacity plans.
  • Each plan card now displays the strategy and thresholds within the card, as well as counters for each interface in Warning or Critical status.
  • An options menu for each plan allows you to export and access configuration directly from the landing page.
  • And a brand-new, right-side panel now displays an ordered list of the critical plans to attend to for both Interface Runout and Utilization.

Configuration of Capacity Plans revamp

The configuration section of each capacity plan has been revised to more closely match the standard adopted in the Edge > Connectivity Costs workflow: Attributes and strategies for all plans are on one tab, while the interface selection is on another one.

Capacity Plan Details UI

The Capacity Plan details page has also been completely reworked and it now includes the following:

  • A summary of the plan status and configuration mirroring that of the cards on the landing page for that plan
  • The ability to filter out by level of severity as implemented on the landing page
  • A new option to group the interface details within that plan by multiple levels: None (flat), Site or by Device/Site to accommodate users’ different ways of tackling capacity.
  • Each plan can now be exported both as PDF (ad-hoc or email attachment), as well as CSV for further massaging (note that this export types are also available directly from the card on the landing page)
  • Lastly, each interface in the details screen can be expanded to reveal a traffic chart for the interface with visual thresholds from the configuration on it.
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